Sunday, 13 January 2013

Simply//Journey into Crochet

So last year I crocheted just one item; this year I am determined to learn a little more - so I bought the new Simply Crochet magazine; I've had a good read through it and I'm feeling really inspired. I'm hoping that crochet goes well for me - I want to learn so who knows? Does anyone have any hints and tips for me?

V xo


  1. The best tip? Just do it. Everyday. A little or a lot, makes no difference. The more you do it, the more natural and easy it will become.

    Good luck, and I'll look forward to seeing your FOs.

  2. Oh wonderful idea! Maybe I'll have to resolve to learn to crochet better too.

  3. I love learning new skills from watching youtube or going to other websites. Pick something that you want to learn how to make, like a hat or a blanket or anything and just start. The best thing about crochet is that if you mess up or don't like fow it looks, you can just froggy it and start again!
    good luck.