Sunday, 19 May 2013

Quick Post

My last 2 posted were both scheduled; I have actually been in hospital for the last 11 days and will be inpatient for a further 10. I've got limited Internet access so I'm quickly updating.

I am still knitting; just working solidly on 1 project - I will share that as soon as I possibly can.
Happy Knitting, V xo

Friday, 17 May 2013

Pretty Green Eyelet Socks//FO Friday

I finished my 2nd pair of socks; I technically finished them nearly 3 weeks ago but hey ho!!! I'm really pleased with these - they are very comfortable and the knit was nice and simple:
 I'm much happier with the heel on these socks; the picking up is neater and the heel is just slightly different from my first socks - which is always fun.
 Even the grafting of the toes worked out better; I was a little nervous about the grafting as on my first socks it went a little off - but I'm really learning about the construction of socks and all the little bits that make them work.
I'm currently knitting a few other pairs of socks; and I'm excited to start the Socktopus KAL next month - the order in which we knit is up and I'm very excited for July's socks; I wonder if I can get anyone to give me sock yarn for my birthday? (if it's a gift it doesn't count as stash - hahaha!).
What have you finished lately?
V xo

Friday, 10 May 2013

Fairisle Felted Needle Case//FO Friday

I finished my Fairisle Felted Needle Case a few weeks ago, after finishing the knitting in the middle of the night - and rushing to get the felting done; my fingers ended up very blistered:
 I hand felted because we have a front loader which means it's a little harder to stop mid cycle. I also didn't wear rubber gloves, and of course hand felting is quite rough on the hands. I already have paper like skin on my hands - they are very allergic to things - even the weather affects them. I guess it shouldn't have been much of a surprise that they blistered so badly.
 Anyway I am in LOVE with my needle case, I know some of the ladies who knit this (at the class I went too) trimmed the edges to make it all really straight but I decided to leave my edges rough - I think they look really pretty.
 I stitched the inside into place, and even bound the book with some of the white yarn - just to give it a nicer look.
I absolutely loved this knit, and it's made me want to knit more fair isle pieces - I have several hats in my ravelry queue and even a pair of a mitts. Colourwork is fun, it does take a little more time to knit but the colour changes keep your interest. If you get the chance to do a fairisle class I would highly recommend it.
What are you finishing this week?
V xo

Monday, 6 May 2013

Progress?//Year of Projects

I have actually managed to complete most of my Year of Projects list; shocking huh? This was the original list:
- yarn bomb something
- fair isle
- socks
- cables
- lace shawl
- cardigan for me
- gloves with fingers
- knit in public as much as possible
- knit a giant bag
- knit a hat in the round

I have shared my yarn bombing, knitting in public, cables and my hat in the round - you can find my previous YOP posts HERE.

Recently I have finished a fair isle piece: (more photos and story on FO Friday this week)
And I've knit my first 2 pairs of socks; these plain vanilla DK socks and.......
 my pretty green eyelet socks: (more about these socks in a week or so)
I have started more socks (I have to admit to being slightly addicted); some lovely people on Ravelry have gifted me patterns for cardigans - so it's just deciding which one to start; I have Peasy and Moody in my queue for 2013 - because as well as taking part in YOP, I'm also playing along with Knit the Queue - both are working well for me. I'm learning things and knitting the things I am really excited about - so it's a win/win situation.

So what about the things I haven't done yet; with just 2 months to go I'm not sure whether I will get around to these:
Lace Shawl - I have the yarn for a lace shawl, but I need to wind it which needs to wait until I have a ball winder!!! I also haven't decided on a pattern yet; this one might roll over to YOP 2013/14.
Gloves with Fingers - Given that I'm only just mastering socks with DPN's, this one just hasn't come up. However my boy's Dad really wants some hand knit gloves (not really sure mitts would cut it!!!) so I'm hoping to work those up for later on this year - another one to move to YOP 2013/14? I think so.
Giant Bag - I have the yarn, pattern and material for this bag; it's so close and it might get done before the summer but I'm just not sure.

I don't feel bad about the things that I didn't do this past year, it's been a difficult year for various reasons but I'm excited to write up and start my YOP 2013/14 - it's been fun. I will be doing a few more YOP posts before the summer though.
How is your Year of Projects going/
V xo

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Winner//Knit Nerds

A few weeks ago, the lovely Alicia offered 2 prizes to my blog readers. And so without furtherado, the winners are:


Check your Ravelry inboxes ladies, I will be in touch!!!

Thanks for entering - I'm hoping to have some more Knit Nerds interviews very soon. If you could like to be a knit nerd feel free to contact me.
V xo

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Puppy With No Name//FO Friday

On Wednesday I wrote about starting some new projects; which obviously meant that I've finished some projects (or I had horrific startisis!!!). I've finished 3 projects in the last little while BUT I want to share them one at a time as they all have stories behind them - so check out the blog for the next few Fridays.
I finally managed to finish THE PUPPY!!!
 I know I complained about this knit majorly; especially whilst knitting the body - the colour changes in the pattern were not overly clear (in my opinion). However I finally picked it back up after 6 weeks in the naughty cupboard AND the rest of the pattern flowed really well:
 The head knit up really well, the ears are super cute and the wee tail is too. I had a few issues during the sewing up as the instructions were pictoral rather than written - which I always find a little more complicated; but I got there in the end and it all stitched up really well.
 I thought I had some safety eyes but I couldn't find them anywhere (maybe they got lost during the big clear out???) - anyhoo I used buttons for eyes and the nose is a leather button I picked up in a charity shop (6 for 30p - I wasn't complaining).
Kristofer really loves his puppy, and finally decided on calling him Robert - which really suits puppy. He has had about 6 name changes in the time that I was planning the knit and during the actual knitting; I'm glad he finally settled on a name.
What have you been finishing lately?
V xo

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

All Change//WIP Wednesday

This week my WIP's have all changed - so what does that mean? Do I have a really bad case of startisis OR have I actually got finished objects? Well believe it or not I actually have finished objects - I have alot of FO Friday posts already scheduled. Anyhoo onto the WIP's:
This one is very nearly finished, and is my Little Miss Foxy felted purse - this was a very instantly gratifying knit, and it was fun!!! I just need to line it, add some poppers to keep it closed inside - and of course give her a face:
 Next up is Cuddles the Dinosaur; this is the softie that Robbie wanted - I've literally only done 6 rounds on this so far, I am loving it though - magic loop for softies is my favourite. The purple is the main colour - wait until you see the colours he chose for the stripes:
 And lastly are my Vanilla Pumpkin socks; I'm taking part in the socktopus KAL starting in June but I wanted to get the vanilla socks out of the way (you can work on these whenever you want). I decided (stupidly) to cast on 80 stitches last night - I knit the whole cuff and started on the body. That's when I realised these socks were going to be a little on the big side; so I frogged the whole sock and I shall recast on today. In the meantime, isn't this yarn pretty?
What are you working on this week? I'm really enjoying having some new WIP's: it's always nice to start some new projects. As always I'm playing along with Tami and Ginny - go check out their blogs to see what everyone else is working on.
V xo
PS - I'm leaving Alicia's lovely giveaway open until Saturday - with the winners being announced on Sunday - go check it out!!!