Saturday, 31 August 2013

Oooh//Spinny News

I bought a spindle, yup you read that right - I BOUGHT A SPINDLE. She's a beautiful ashford, finished in Walnut and I already love her. I haven't had time to get a practice in yet because I went to a little party last night and may have gotten a tiny bit drunk (I said may have, don't judge me!!). Anyways I bought my spindle (who really needs a name, any ideas?) preloved, in knitting I bought most of my straight needles from charity shops - I like things that have a past - with a sense of history. So here she is:    
 The lovely lady who sold me beautiful Miss Spindle, sent me a bunch of fibers, including Merino and Shetland - I'm so excited to play with these, I can't figure out which one is my favourite - or which one to spin first:
I also asked on Ravelry if anybody had any fiber they would be willing to sell - just small amounts so I could play with a variety of different things. Well I had someone contact me who was willing to send me a RAK (random act of kindness) of fibres. She very kindly put labels on all of them - which really helps and she sent me loads!!! Here is a bunch of pretties:
 And then she popped some of the fluffier fibres in separate envelopes - and they are beautiful. This Honey Soya is so soft and the colour is stunning:
 Angora (a bit sneezy) is definitely sneezy - I might be allergic but I will still attempt to spin it after taking a antihistamine. The colour is so pretty - this would make something nice and wintery:
 This is silk hanky..... and is also very beautiful - I need to google what exactly I need to do with this but I'm excited:
 This is my favourite (I think) of all the fibers, Tussah (wild) Silk - it is unbelievably soft and the colour is yummy. What do you think this will be?
 I am super looking forward to having a play - maybe tomorrow? Do you spin? Do you have a wheel or a spindle? And do you have advice for a newbie? Also if you spin, are in the UK and you're on Ravelry make sure you join the UK Spindlers and UK Spinners groups.
Have a fibery weekend!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Owl Fetchings//FO Friday and Year of Projects

You know when you find a pattern that you love, and it takes just a week to knit, bead and block the item? Yeah that. These mitts took me just 8 days to complete, I could have finished them quicker but I've been doing a little bit of designing and some painting. I absolutely loved knitting these AND I made a few modifications to the pattern:
I purchased the yarn for these mitts back in April; it's Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran and I used about 1.25 balls. I cast on using a 3.75mm needle instead of a 4mm just to get a tighter knit:

 I made appropriate modifications for the length as I have quite long hands, and I wanted these to sit just past my wrists - so I added in some ribbing rows both before and after the thumb:
 I found these owls super easy to cable, and in actual fact the whole pattern was easy to memorize and just knit up - I love when you find an easy, fun knit that looks awesome:
 I had to pick up stitches for the thumb, and to be honest that was the only place I found a slight issue with the pattern - if I knit them again (which I probably will), I will pick up extra stitches as I had to reinforce the base stitches. However the thumb did come out well after those minor technical issues:
I chose to put just 2 beads on each mitt, because these beads really stand out and I wanted the owl pattern to show but to be quite strong. This last photo shows both the mitts, and our cat Bilbo who wanted attention!!!
I am super happy with my first autumn/winter project this year; I am hoping for chilly weather to come soon so I can wear them!!!
This post is part of my year of projects as I've used 2 of the techniques I wanted to have a go at - modification and picking up stitches. I'm also playing along with FO Friday and Tami.
What have you finished this week?
V xo

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What Will It Be?//WIP Wednesday

This week I am working on a secret design project; even my Ravelry project page gives nothing away (except the yarn, needle size and the fact that they are mitts and have cables..... mmm that's maybe too much???):
My lovely wife, Jay decided she wanted a pair of fetching mitts (after seeing my owl fetchings - see them this Friday btw!) so I figured why not design a pair? I will share the pattern once they are finished, if anyone wants to make some. This is a very quick post as I have PTA (parent council at school) this morning, my 30 minute Wii fit exercise and then a tour around the new library with my reading group this afternoon - it's a very hectic day!!!
As always I am playing along with Tami and Ginny. What are you knitting (or crocheting) this week?
V xo 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

On Stash Dieting//Knit Life

Back in April, when I was still playing along with Knit the Queue (I'm so much happier knitting what I want, when I want) - I started my stash diet. I bought yarn for the projects I knew I wanted to work on like yesterday!!! Here are some of those beautiful yarns:
Candy Skein Yummy in Pumpkin:
 Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran in Green:
 Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift in Sholmit:
I think overall I bought around 10 different yarns, for varying projects. I didn't want to be caught short and NOT manage my stash diet. Of course, with every stash diet there has to be a little bit of wiggle room -which for me comes in the form of gifts!!! If I'm knitting a gift and I don't have the right yarn in my stash, I am allowed to buy it - that sounds fair right? Anyways a good friend of ours is having a baby at the end of the year, a little girl so I'm planning on knitting a few bits for her. I don't own any yarn that's really baby friendly or in the right colourways so I'm going shopping. I'm actually very excited to buy some new yarn. I think that's definitely one of the positives of being on a stash diet. I only have just over 4 more months of the year, then I can shop for me!!!
Have you been trying to stash diet? How's it working out for you?
V xo

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty//WIP Wednesday

 At the beginning of 2013 I promised myself that I wouldn't cast on more than 2 projects at any time; that kind of went out the window very quickly. Then I promised myself I would only have 4 projects at any given time; but now, to be honest, I just want to knit what I want and when I feel like it. At the end of the day knitting ceases to be fun if you put too many rules on it. I think having knitting aspirations is fun, I like to move forward which is why I take part in Year of Projects.
Anyway basically what I'm trying to say is I've cast on a new project - and I'm so glad I did. I was gifted the Owlings pattern on Ravelry and in April I bought some pretty yarn for it (remember, when I bought yarn for several projects before putting myself on a stash diet? I'll do a wee post about that later in the week!). Debbie Bliss' yarn is one of my favourites, it's so soft and the colour palettes are fabulous. So I cast on my first mitt just 3 days ago and I finished last night:
I've cast on the 2nd one; I've also made some small modifications in this pattern which I will share as part of a Year of Projects post. This is the first pattern I've felt comfortable changing things on!!! Now all I have to do is decide on eyes - buttons, beads or French knots? And then what colour? I'm hoping to get a grey winter coat. 
I'm also making good progress on my first vanilla socktopus sock; I finished the gusset and heel (I am extremely happy with how it looks thus far) and I'm ready to knit the foot. I'm off out today and have some waiting time so I might do a little sock knitting then:
I'm very happy with both of these knits; I know I need to get back to my dinosaur, my cardigan and of course my Hogwarts ball shawl..... but all in good time.
That's all from me for today; what have you been working on this past week? I'm playing along with Ginny and Tami (as always).
V xo 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tales of a Sock//WIP Wednesday

So there I was knitting on my very pretty Aqua Vanilla socks (this was yesterday); I had been working on them for a few days and I was very proud of my progress - I even managed to pick up my gusset stitches neatly:
 Then last night disaster struck; one of my beautiful knit pro needles snapped - the needle that was holding the instep stitches. I could have cried, stitches started slipping and the whole sock was a mess:
Sadly some of the stitches unravelled several rows down; and I've never actually fixed a piece of knitting - so I decided I would wait for a few days and then rip back to my lifelines: 
Thankfully at some point last night I felt brave enough to have a look at a tutorial on you tube about picking up stitches. And it gave it a go - and guess what? It actually worked - I fixed my first sock. I actually still feel really proud of this, it worked pretty well. I went to bed very happy last night. I'm hoping to get my sock finished  in the next day or so. So I shall have to move straight on with sock 2, I don't want to get second sock syndrome.

 Lastly my beautiful boys went back to school this morning so I had to share this gorgeous picture of them this morning, I am definitely feeling like a proud mummy this morning:
Today's plan's include getting back to my Wii fit, going to my reading group and definitely knitting!!! Sounds like my kind of day. What are you working on just now? I'm playing along with Tami and Ginny as always.
Have a knitty Wednesday!!!
V xo

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fabulous Mr Fox//FO Friday

My Fabulous Mr Fox purse is finally finished!!! I think I could have finished him in under a week but then I got sick and I have to admit I was completely stressed out about the finishing. I've never lined anything - and I don't know much about our sewing machine, so it had to be hand sewn. Anyway I'm feeling much better now; medication changes make all the difference. But it's also meant that I have finally finished my purse.
Here he is in all his lovely glory; I think he's super cute. I decided to put a clicky button under the nose so I could close it; I'm not really sure how to fit zips next but I think when I knit my next purse I shall give that a go:
I've had some super pretty fabric tucked away for a couple of years - since we bought our sewing machine (I really must use that), so I decided that something with a woodland theme would be perfect for this purse. I drew around the purse, then cut the fabric just a little bigger. I then sewed the 3 sides together, fit it onto the purse and sewed it all in place:
 I wanted to share a little close up of the purse, you can still see some of the stitch definition in the purse, which I really love:
I absolutely loved knitting this purse, it's super cute and very easy. I'm excited to make another one - as I have plenty of yarn left. I love finishing something and feeling completely proud of it. What have you finished this week?
V xo 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Pretty Sewing Box//Knitllections

I had my 31st birthday at the beginning of July; and my MIL was kind enough to buy me a vintage sewing box from a little thrift store in our local town centre. I don't sew; however I thought I could use it as a knitting toolbox - great idea huh? So here it is:
It made sense to me to put my pens/pencils, needle ends, row counters and scissors right in the very top - these are the things that I use regularly: 
The top of the other side contains all of the threads that came in the box - I figured I might want to keep them for sewing on buttons etc; the section below that holds things like my needle gauge and a pompom maker:
 The bottom holds my DPNS; giant pins, some wool soack and a hand cream - basically all the things that were too big to go in the smaller sections:
So here endeth my first post of my new topic; Knitllections - I will aim to share a knitty collection at least once a month - I do have quite a few collections to share. Do you want to play along? Just post when you can and link back to me.
V x 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Round Up//Year of Projects

If you've been following along with my previous planner posts (1,2,3 & 4); you'll have an idea of what I'm planning to do for my Year of Projects. I've split my year; doing 6 projects and 6 techniques - theoretically these won't overlap to much but it doesn't really matter if it does. This also means I have somewhere around a month for each project/technique - which is great!!!

Here is my plan for the year:

Feathered Mitts
French Press Felted Slippers
Snawheid (and Paws)
Afternoon Tea
Henri the Knitted Bear
Monster Chunks

Picking up Stitches
Complex Cables
Short Rows
Sewing Up

Have you decided on your plan for the year?
V xo