Friday, 23 March 2012

Pretty Mitts//Finished Objects

Yay I finished the mitts, I actually sat out in the sun to finish them but thankfully it got chilly last night so I was able to wear them home from knit night. Here they are:

I bought these cute buttons from a charity shop for 20p, and they just work so well!!!!
 I love the colour, it's come up really well in these photos too. I decided to block these on Wednesday night and I'm glad I did - they came out really well and the fit is good.
Would I make these mitts again? Yes but I think I would knock maybe a few rows off just to get an even snugger fit as I like my mitts quite tight. What have you finished off today? Go check out Tami's blog and do some hopping.
V xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Making Progress//WIP Wednesday

This last week has gone far to fast, and 3 of my projects have stayed exactly the same - I've made no progress on blue monster, green grass of spring shawl or my purple jumper. But that does mean I've made progress on the other 3.

First baby jacket is going slowly which is ok because it doesn't need to be ready until late summer. I have 26 rows of just plain garter stitch to do on this then onto the next section:
 My pretty mitts are nearly finished, I have just 4 rows and the strap to finish on the 2nd mitt - then to sew them up and block them. I'm hoping to be able to show them off on Friday:
 I had to frog my owlie shawl last Thursday and start again; I had done ALL of the yarn over's wrong - I was so annoyed however I've made alot of progress in the last 6 days and it's starting to actually look like a shawl now.
Make sure you stop over at Tami's blog to see what everyone else is up to; I'm going to go jump about some blogs for a bit.
V xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Mary Janes//Finished Objects

I have to say I absolutely LOVED knitting these mary jane slippers, they were ridiculously easy and I did them in a 3 knit, 3 purl chunky rib. I even learned how to pick up stitches straight from the finished item to knit the straps along the middle. They are so completely comfortable and I'm wearing them all the time just now. It's nice to have a few easy knits on the go alongside my way to many big knits - I get the enjoyment of finishing up something every week or 2.

Make sure you pop by Tami's blog to see what everyone else is finishing up this week.
V xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Knit Lusts//Knit Life

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my works in progress yesterday, they are (as always) very much appreciated. Today I've popped by to share a few more of my knit lusts - these 3 gorgeous knits are in my library, I even have the yarn chosen and bought for the cardigan:

So first up is Bella's Mittens; I've had my eye on these since I started on Ravelry, they are so beautiful and I could see me wearing these next winter:
 Next is the cardigan I already have the yarn for (I bought varigated purple and green), which is the Jacqueline. This cardigan is so pretty, I love the cowl style neck, plus it looks really cozy:
 Lastly the Shawl Collar Vest, this is definitely a summer knit but it's so cute - I could even see it layered over a slightly longer sleeved top for the chillier evenings. I love the varigated yarn on this, I definitely want to knit this at some point this year:
So those are my 3 knit lusts for this week, what are your top 3 knit lusts? Post them on your blog and link me - I would love to see them.
V x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Projects//WIP Wednesday

Wow Wednesday again already, thanks so much for the lovely comments about Franchesca - my sister has really fallen in love with her, so I'm happy.
Anyway on to this week's WIP's - most of my projects haven't moved on but I have finished my Mary Jane slippers (more about them on Friday). My owlie shawl has a few more rows and is starting to grow a little bit more each week:

 I decided I was going to start something new for knit night, the Pluviôse mitts over on Ravelry - they are gorgeous and nice and easy but as you can see from the picture below I haven't started them at all but I have chosen the yarn:
 I ended up finishing my slippers up at knit night, I was so close to finishing the 2nd one and one of the ladies taught me how to ladder stitch, so now I know how to sew up nice neat edges - so I'm glad I decided to take my slippers and not start the mitts.
I have also started a new project, the ribbed baby jacket - this is a super cute knit and quite easy so far although I've read through the comments on ravelry and there appears to be a problem with the sleeve length so I'll need to keep an eye out for that. I chose a royal blue as I thought it would be cute on a boy, especially as I'm knitting it for a first birthday:
Go check out Tami's blog to see what everyone else is working on this week - I love having a look at other people's projects, I think it's the nosy in me.
Have a great Wednesday,
V x

Friday, 9 March 2012

Tales of a Giant Bunny//Finished Objects

So Friday is upon us, and I have a finished object. She is not perfect, I have alot to learn about sewing up and finishing but I love her and so does my sister (she is going to live with Clare):
 So tales of a giant bunny? Yes there is a story behind this rabbit. I found the pattern on Ravelry in January and quickly decided she would be perfect for my sister (she loves rabbits). So while I was away for a few weeks I started knitting, each body part took several days and the days quickly turned into weeks - 6 weeks later I had all the parts and started sewing and stuffing, quickly realising that the parts were quite alot larger than I had imagined. On sewing the whole rabbit together I realised she was massive, I expected her to be half the size.... but hey ho - you live and you learn. I loved making this bunny, alot of love has gone into knitting her and sewing her - and I know she's going to a home where she'll be loved, in spite of her flaws.

In other quick news (I know it's a knitting blog so it's just a quicky); today Kristofer fell at nursery, on his head - blood everywhere (including my coat) and a hole in his head. The school dealt with it really quickly, and he's made a quick recovery but I thought I'd share a picture of his swollen head:
That's me for today, I'll post soon.
V x
PS check it at Tami's blog for other finished objects!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Knit 1, Knit 5?//WIP's

Wednesday already? And what does that bring but WIP (work in progress) Wednesday. I have various works in progress (and a FO for Friday) so here we go:

I found this magazine in WHSmith last week and immediately cast on......
 .......a blue and white stripy monster, using the kit supplied with the magazine:
 I'm still working on my jumper, I've started on the body now, it's knit in 2 pieces but seems to be taking forever - it's a 4 pattern repeat so seems to be taking ages to make any real progress:
 My green grass of spring shawl is going really well, it's really growing quite quickly but I think I'm going to run out of yarn so I'm going to need to buy some more possibly:
 My hogwarts express shawl is going slowly, it's looking good but I'm not sure I'm going to be wearing this shawl in the spring; at least not this year!!!!
 And lastly my Mary Jane slippers, I've finished one and I'm over half way through the 2nd one, so I'm hoping to get them finished today (or tomorrow).

If you want to see all the details of my projects head over to my Ravelry project page, or friend me - my username is knittingv
I think I want to cast on something new before tomorrow as it's knitting group and I'm almost finished my easy knits but I feel like I should finish my slippers and my monsters - I'm making 2, one for each boy - so it's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!

Go check out what's going on over at Tami's blog today and thanks for stopping by my new knit blog - it's lovely to be getting visitors and comments.
V x

Friday, 2 March 2012

Knit Lusts

I was listening to a podcast last night on my way home from knit night (my first one - so much fun, thanks ladies); anyway the podcast is by a lady called Alana who does a segment about the knits she's lusting after so I thought that might be a fun thing to start on my wee blog - maybe do it every few weeks?

So first up is the Not-So-Bulky Golden Compass Hood; I have fallen in love with this and I have plans to start it once I've finished one of my WIP's, it's so pretty and I know it's coming into spring but it'll be nice to start wearing in the autumn I think:

The Soft Kid Bubble is kind of on the wishlist for once I've lost some weight, but it's so pretty and you can dress it up or down depending on your plans. I think I would do it in a grey as well, it's so versatile:
 February Lady Sweater has been in my library since I started on Ravelry, it's so pretty - but a little complicated for me right now, or maybe not? Now that I'm going to knit night every week I have people who's brains I can pick for help!!!!:
 And lastly the Button-tab Hat, I already bought the patter for this hat - it's so cute, I can hardly wait to give it a go. I just need to learn a little more about knitting stripes but I'm getting there:
So what's on your lust list? I have about 20-something projects on my list but these are definitely at the top as well as a cardigan I'm buying yarn for tomorrow - it's in a magazine and it's beautiful, it's made of big cable knitting..... I can't wait.
Alright that's me for today, pop over to my other blog to see what I'm up to over there.
V xx