Monday, 31 December 2012

2012; A Knitting Retrospective//Knit Life

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of 2012; tomorrow will be a new year - and that brings new knitting challenges and new life goals. But before that can begin, I felt a retrospective look at 2012 was in order. I thought I had finished alot more projects that just these ones this year; however some of these were big projects and obviously I was sick for a portion of the year. So here are most of my FO's and one of my YOP's (knitting in public):
I'm actually really proud of myself for knitting this much in 10 months; I started this blog back at the end of February. I've fallen really in love with knitting; and I'm starting to like crochet a little - although it's slightly more complicated than I expected. Knitting has thrown up some complications, and I have much to learn but I love to learn and grow in my hobbies - so it's pretty perfect.

Lastly I want to say thank you for reading/following my little blog; I reached over 10000 readers this month - which is amazing. I hope you continue to stop by in 2013 - I have alot more to give: interviews, knitting goals, WIP Wednesday's and hopefully at least a few FO Friday's.

So I guess the (actual) last thing to do is to say a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all; I hope your 2013 is knitty.

V xo

Monday, 24 December 2012


Well it's officially Christmas Eve here in Scotland, I can't believe how quickly December has gone in. I have been knitting like crazy to get my Gran's shawl finished - it's pretty much done and I'm really happy with it. I'll be sharing pictures in the next week or so, I promise. I will also be looking for pattern testers for this knit before I release the pattern in the New Year.

I just really wanted to pop by and say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely followers and readers - I'm so excited for 2013 and the direction of my blog.
V xo

Friday, 7 December 2012

Knit Plans//Year of Projects

Ok so in all honesty I've been pretty bad at keeping up with my year of projects, um project. Thankfully this runs from July to June, which still gives me over 6 months - great huh??? So I think my first goal is to get all of my current WIP's finished!!! At the moment I am working on a shawl for my gran's birthday - I shared that on Wednesday. So here are 4 WIP's I want to get done in the next couple of months:
This has actually grown since I took this photo, it's such a pretty pattern - and I'm going to work away on it once the shawl is done - I want to wear it this winter!!!!
High Plains Drifter
This too has grown since this photo was taken, I'm really excited to get this done and posted off as it's for a good friend of mine:
Owl Poncho
I was really enjoying this knit before things got hectic and I got sick. I'm about halfway done though so I want to get it done - I really want to wear this before winter is out too:
This is my first and only lace weight project; it's super fun to do but quite complicated. I hope to get this done so I can wear it in spring:
Of course if you look at my project page over on Ravelry; you will have realised that I missed a project, yup my come josephine afghan. I'm still loving this project but it's going to take ages to do and it's a pick up when I feel like it project - I don't feel like I need to rush getting it finished:
I'm quite excited to get these projects finished, so I can complete at least a couple of my goals from my year of projects - wish me luck.
V xo

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Queen of Hearts//WIP Wednesday

I started this shawl earlier this year, but now I've decided I want to give it to my Gran for her birthday (she's 79 at the end of December) so I'm knitting like crazy on it. I'm really proud of this shawl because it's my own pattern (which I will be releasing next year). It's knit in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo which is just a gorgeous yarn to work with; it has gorgeous movement to it - I can hardly wait to get it finished and wrapped up!!!
 Here is a little bit of a close up on the detail; it's not great - the light in our living room is odd right now:
 In other news, last month I won some yarn and pretty buttons over on Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life in her anniversary giveaway. The yarn is super gorgeous, I'm excited to find a pattern to knit this into; any ideas? It is The Spun Monkey, DK, 300 yards:
Lastly it's been super hectic here lately, we finished painting the living room; got a new 3-piece suite and decorated for christmas. I also spent this morning at school helping with last minute bits for the christmas fayre this afternoon. Holly is continuting to do well, she has a new playpen (Santa came early for her) and is loving all the attention from the cats. I'm now off to start baking for our after school's club tomorrow.
As usual I am playing along with Tami and Ginny; I'm excited to see what everyone is working on - this season excites me!!
V xo