Thursday, 31 January 2013

Basic Bread//12 Breads

I love fresh homemade bread; so I thought a nice new feature on the blog would be 12 Breads - that's one a month for the year. So I decided to start with a nice basic bread; it smells delicious even as it's prooving!! So the recipe is Jamie Oliver's; it's quite simple but not necessarily the quickest bread as there is quite a bit of prooving time. Here are some pics of my bread: 
Here is the dough as it's being kneaded:

 Here is the dough just before it's 2nd prooving; it's covered in clingfilm that's why the photo is odd:

Here is the loaf before going in the oven:
 Here is the loaf all baked, and looking yummy!!!
I'm really pleased with how this loaf turned out, it's super yummy. I would change a couple of things - I did make this on my work surface as per the instructions but alot of water leaked out and it was quite messy however I will try again. I also put some rock salt over the top of my loaf before baking. I will use this recipe again; but I might try some different flavourings etc. The bread is really nice but it's quite a close bake; so I might make 2 loafs using the mixture instead HOWEVER it's lovely as it is dipped in soup!!
What have you been baking lately?
V xo

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  1. Oh I'll bet it is super yummy with soup! This is such a great idea, it is fun to do little things like this to improve skills. I've been attempting to perfect poppy seed bread (because I'm obsessed with poppy seeds!)