Sunday, 20 January 2013

Learn//Knit Life

Kristofer has wanted to learn how to knit for a while, I tried to teach him when he was 4 but he just wasn't getting it. However he's 5 now and we decided to try again - maybe it was something Kris and Mummy could do together......
So I cast on 10 stitches and knit 3 rows for him, while he watched and then we started knitting together. He managed to do a whole row by himself - I'm so super proud of him. It was definitely a huge proud mummy moment:
He got a little bit stuck on the next row, not really understanding the whole turning your knitting around - but we'll get there. We're going to try again in the week, and see how much we can get done. I bought him a little knitting kit just before christmas so once he knows the basics we'll have a go with that.
Hope you are all well, in the coming week I have a FO and a WIP to share - yes a FO, you read that right. I'm really enjoying knitting right now and it's going well for me. Remember I have a pattern testing right now, so if you're interested just pop over and let me know.
Have a knitty day.
V xo


  1. Well done to your little man!! I have taught my son and daughter to knit, it required lots of patience from mummy too!!

  2. Well done Kris on the knitting. :)

  3. Brilliant! He will look back and thank you one day. I am forever grateful that I learned to knit as a child. I just wish I had learned to crochet at the same time as it is harder the older you get.