Saturday, 19 May 2012

Today//Knit Life

I should probably be knitting on my lace scarf or my owl-cho but I'm not..... today I am doing a very special project.....
The recepient of the project knows I'm knitting these, they will be cute little slippers for her to wear the night before her wedding in July - I'm her maid of honour and I can't wait to present these to her. I bought this yarn a few months ago with no specific project in mind but then when I started thinking about special somethings for my sister and this yarn is just so soft and so pretty - it's sirdar softspun DK. I just wanted to share what I'm upto today, go check out my other blog to see what I've been doing this week. What are you up to today? What will your next special project be?
V xx

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  1. Ah that yarn looks so soft and lovely! She is sure to love the finished project!