Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Not So//WIP Wednesday

This is a not-so work in progress Wednesday - I have worked some of my OWL-cho, it still wants to be owlie so, following the advice of my lovely commenters, I am going to do the cabled owls - I'm sure I'll have alot more progress by next Wednesday (maybe near to casting off!!!!). My lace scarf hasn't moved but it has decided it wants to be a teacher-gift. My son's primary 1 teacher has been amazing with him - Robbie is autistic and has needed extra support so I wanted to give a little something special. Nothing else has grown - we are in decorating mode here this week so our living room (lounge) is getting a makeover.

In other news there is a wee giveaway and interview on my blog right now, by Rita Taylor. Go check it out - you could win a children's sweater pattern.

It's super cute, and would look great using some pretty colourwork - I like unisex sweaters that you can work up however you want!!!

I'm not guaranteeing another post this week, but we'll see how it goes. Hope you are all well and HAVE A KNITTY WEDNESDAY!!!
V xxx


  1. I think an owl's will be just perfect.
    How sweet of you to do a lace scarf for your son's teacher, it will mean so much to her I am sure. Have fun with the redo of your space.

  2. How nice your son has such a great teacher. Good ones make a permanent dent in a child's life. They often don't get the credit, news likes to show us all the negatives. Your gift will make a wonderful thankful.

  3. I didn't find a link for your five away in your post. Scrolled over the words?

  4. Thanks for adding link, popped back over.

  5. I think the owls will be great! Looking forward to seeing them!

  6. Great teachers are very rare; it's good that you have one in your son's. Looking forward to seeing the owls.