Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shawl Lusts//Knit Life

This spring I am in love with Shawls, I can't help myself - they are so beautiful and there are so many different options!!! I had to stop in and share some of my favourites from Ravelry:

Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West
A shawl made for both men and women? It's perfect right? I love the little details of this shawl, I really want to knit it up in a mustard coloured yarn I have in storage!!!
This shawl is part knit, part lace which makes it pretty perfect, you can knit it in a variety of different sizes depending on the yarn you want to use - I love it!!!

I would have to use a variagated yarn for this shawl, it's so beautiful and it works so well in stripes!! I love the pretty shaping - it's just another perfect shawl!!

I had this pretty shawl on my Ravelry wishlist for ages, and somebody kindly gifted me it - the pattern is beautiful and it's going to knit up perfectly for the summer. I love the angles of the lace, and then it's all finished by the pretty ruffling around the edge.

What are you lusting after right now?
Thanks for stopping by, V x

...... and just a quick PS - thank you and HI to all of my lovely new followers and commenters, but especially to Lynn of Fidlstix who very kindly shared one of her lovely knitting bags after reading my last post.


  1. Lovely post :D I'm waiting for yarn to arrive so I can knit Age of Brass & Steam by Orange Flower, but that is more of a Kercheif than shawl :)

    My Mum wants me to make her the Color Affection shawl after she saw the Yarn Harlot and friends get addicted to knitting with it. Does look like a fun knit though! :)

  2. Well? Which one of these pretties are you going to knit up?
    I loved knitting the Boneyard Shawl, it is such a quick little project. I am also in love with the Wholehearted Shawl.

  3. Shawls haz exploded!!!! I've been knitting and crocheting them for two years now ... with no end in sight. :)

    I'm currently dying to cast on a Color Affection.