Friday, 18 May 2012

Needle Storage//Knit Stuff

I love needle storage, I want more and more of it but for the moment these are the 2 main places I keep my needles (except my circulars).

This needle box was my mum's, she gave me it several years ago with some needles that were hers and my gran's. I love it so much, just knowing that it's been passed down and it's been so loved. It is slightly worn, it's not in the best shape but I love that charm:
 And all the needles that are too long for the needle box? They go in a whisky pot, I always had plans to alter this box BUT I kind of like it in it's natural state - it works well as a knitting box and I like the almost vintage quirk:
What do you keep your needles in? If you share on your blog please link back and let me know. I want some more needle storage, but I like something a little different - nothing plain and I'm not sure I want a fabric case either..... I like vintage looking, nice old things, it's fab.
V xx


  1. I sewed a roll-up fabric needle holder for my needles, although once I'm living somewhere more permanent I'm definitely going to have to do something like you have done. Love the whisky pot!

  2. I like the idea of using a whiskey pot! I gave in and purchased a big fabric roll type of case from an Etsy seller. I have to admit that I absolutely love it. It has a pouch sewn in for my stitch markers and darning needles, and I was able to decide how many of each size pocket I wanted. I have all of my sock dpns, my Knit Pick interchangeables, and all of my fixed circulars stored in one place. It's nice to be able to take my entire supply kit with me, as it were.

  3. I don't keep my needles in anything.....I really need to fix that :-P I love your mums knitting box :-D so sweet!!