Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bags//Knit Stuff

I have to say I LOVE bags, I always have done so when I was searching for bags to keep my knitting in I wanted something that was a little bit of a bargain but pretty too. These are my knitting bags:

I got this one from poundland just last week, it's the perfect size for just one project, it's super cute and it was a bargain:
 I found this cutie in a charity shop last week for just £3, it's a great size to pack in a knit or 2 for knit night - and it's got a wee pocket in the inside for my knitting pencil case:
 This bag is great for a big project, or for big yarn. I picked it up in WHSmith a few weeks back and it's lovely - it's also got a nice sized handle:
 This bag is my all time favourite, I got this in a charity shop in London for about £3, it's got 3 big sections and can hold tons. I sometimes take it to knit night with me, especially if I want to take several projects:
 And lastly this is another project bag, it's been in my handbag storage for ages and I haven't used it - because it's so pretty. It's a lace bag from Malta, so I've had it since my holiday there in 2007, it's about time it got used:
So those are my knitting/project bags, I love them all and I can't wait to get some more. How many project bags do you have? Feel free to share this post on your blog and post about your own knit bags.
V xx


  1. I LOVE bags too - I never have enough project bags.... I'm rather enjoying making them myself these days - my box bags are my favourites!

  2. Knitting bags, how I love thee! I'm very impressed at your bargain hunting skillz, you find such pretty bags! My favourite is the one you got from London for £3!

  3. My project bags are usually ziploc gallon bags. Eventually, I promise myself that I will invest in real bags.

  4. So many wonderful bags and I know that you have many wonderful projects to fill them with too! I usually store my WIPs in ziplock bags as well. But now I might have to take a leaf out of your's and Myrtle's books and make some pretty new bags!

  5. I love knitting bags (and shoes) and I posted about a favorite bag here...

  6. I'm a big fan of bags myself....I've even made a few project bags....I love that first one..