Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tiny Bag//Journey into Crochet

I have actually started to, slowly, master crochet. I'm a little confused as to the names of all the stitches as they appear to be different in the UK from the US. I thought I was learning single crochet (slip stitch) when in actual fact I was learning double crochet - it's all very confusing. I'm going to stick with the UK versions for the moment I think!!!

Anyway I made a little bag for Luna, my blythe doll:
 What do you think? I love getting the chance to style her and I think this bag works well with the outfit. I had such fun crocheting the bag - and it hardly took anytime at all!!!!
I am loving learning new things and trying my hand at new techniques, what are you learning right now? What do you hope to learn next? I'm hoping to make a circular placemat using crochet, and learn a bit more about cables in knitting.
V xo

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  1. I just learned how to do lace and knit with circular needles. I would love to learn cables as well, because every knitter I talk to about them assures me they are so simple.

  2. I had no idea that UK and US crochet terms differed, I guess that I assumed that they would be more standardized by now. Good to know!

  3. Well done - I find the whole US vs UK terminology thing confusing too. I know some stitches - but don't have a clue what they are called where!!!