Friday, 15 June 2012

Accessories//Knit Stuff

Another friday goes by with NO finished objects - the blue sweater is so close to finished it's painful, but it will be done for next Friday so check in then. In the meantime I have a knit stuff post for you, sharing just some of my cute little knitting accessories. You all know how much I love bags, well I just happen to love pencil cases too, and when I spotted this one in a sale I had to have it:
 And guess what? It happens to fit all of my accessories in perfectly, it was meant to be; obviously.
So what do I keep in this pencil case, firstly some small headed pins, stitch markers and several cable needles - I do have about 8 but you don't really need to see ALL of those:
 Secondly my giant safety pins - again I have several, a row counter (the rest are on projects) and my cute purple pen although with patterns I prefer to use a pencil:
 And lastly the real priorities my little scissors, a tape measure and some sewing needles - the things you REALLY need to knit or to crochet:
What accessories do you have? Do you like to have more than 1 of everything or are you happy with everything in singular? And of course what do you keep all of your accessories in? Remember if you share on your blog, make sure you link back to me so I can come by and have a look.
V xo


  1. I am terribly lacking in accessories for knitting.. I had a tapestry needle, but I lost it. I do have a row counter, stitch markers and needle gauge thing, a cable needle and a stitch holder.. I also have tons of buttons and ribbon. XD

  2. I throw all of my accessories in one huge project bag (that usually has two projects in it) obviously I need to become more organized in that respect. I definitely need a cute little bag like the one you have, perhaps I'll make one!

  3. I probably have about 50 million tapestry needles, stitch holders, tape measures, and stitch markers floating around my room. It's a problem. I even have a stitch holder that has been sitting in my purse for over a year, even though I never hold my knitting in my purse (it's way to small). Maybe I should get something to hold them in, too!

  4. Well, I'm a lucky gal because a dear friend gifted me one of those all-in-one knitting accessory doohickeys that is totally awesome. My stitch markers, tapestry needle, scissors, tape measure, needle gauge, and row counter are all in this oval kit.

  5. I have one of those all-in-one kits, too. It works quite well!