Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ravelympics//Knit Life

For those of you who are member on Ravelry, you will have already heard of the going-ons regarding the Ravelympics. I personally think it's ridiculous for anybody to get on their high horse and complain about people with yarn and sticks.........
I am not usually all that interested in the olympics, however this year because of Ravelympics (and of course London), I was taking a little bit more interest in it. I'm just not sure how much I want to do with it - when the Olympics are making money from hundreds of sponsors and the olympic logo is on EVERYTHING, what harm are we?
What are your thoughts??? Are we denigrating the athletes or supporting them?
V xo
PS - i have a little pink finished object for you tomorrow.........


  1. I think its support. Everyone has their own of doing it... Some might make a drinking game out of it, some might gather friends together for a cookout while watching the games, Some might deck themselves out in their countries colors while there to see the games in person... You're knitting in a yarn Olympics to support the sport Olympics

  2. Everyone is in it to make money. My only hope is that it makes money for the small local businesses. That being said, I love supporting Team USA.

  3. This saddens me. I was actually thinking of watching the games this year while knitting away on Ravelympics projects, but not anymore.

  4. I'm sure this will all be put to bed eventually. I hope!

  5. It's really quite a shame. And they should have found out what the Ravelympics are all about before telling the world we're denigrating the athletes. Please.