Monday, 25 June 2012

Knit Now//Review

I have been reading Knit Now magazine since issue 6 and subscribing since issue 7 - and I have to say I was immediately hooked. There are new designers to meet each month and loads content including trends, interviews and tons of gorgeous patterns. Issue 10 has just come out so I've decided to do a wee review:
 When you open the magazine you are automatically introduced to the lovely Kate, who writes her own personal editors letter each month - I love to read this, she always shares a little bit of the magazine with her own personal experience. Kate also does a feature called kate's blog where she shares a little bit about her own life and her yarny experiences from the month - this month she has been learning to crochet (there is a free crochet set with this month's magazine) and talks passionately about tackling patterns - she has certainly put me a little more at ease.
 Each issue of Knit Now has a feature with a known knitter, this month is Arne and Carlos who knit all kinds of cute dolls - a few of their patterns are included in the magazine. Alongside this, in the inspiration section of the magazine, there is a look book section (which this month is festival chic), some mini book reviews and a feature called The Grapevine. After this section we launch straight into the patterns - this month many of the patterns are heavily inspired by festivals, I particularly love Titania's Dream especially for a dreamy summer's day.
The magazine ends with an ask the expert portion, where members of the public write in with a problem and have it solved by the lovely Debbie Tomkies. There is also a few pages of knitting stitches, and basic knitting knowledge. And finally the last page gives a sneak peek into the next issue - I have to say I am excited for issue 11 already.

What magazines do you like to read and why? Share your favourites on your blog!!!
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  1. I'd forgotten about Knit Now - it was the first knitting mag I bought in the UK a few years ago. I subscribe to The Knitter and love having it arrive in my mailbox.. I've recently subscribed to the e-mag Entangled which is a good read and just today was given a free copy of a brand new e-mag Magazine Knit Edge by Cooperative Publishing. That looks like it will be a goodie. Oh, of course, Knitty and Twist Collective..... Do I read anything that isn't about knitting???? Ummmm, not really :)

    1. I think you may be confusing Knit Now with another magazine (there is one called Knit) as Knit Now has only been published since October 2011. Do try it - it's fab!

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  2. I'm not sure if they offer subscriptions here in the US, but I'll certainly keep an eye out for it because it looks great! I only subscribe to one right now, Vogue Knitting.

  3. Personally, I love Interweave! They usually have some very pretty patterns (even if they are a little unpracticle) and some great articles.

  4. I don't have one magazine in particular that is my "go to" -- I usually spend some time browsing each one in the book store and if more than one pattern tickles my fancy, I buy it!

  5. Is that Arne and Carlos of the Christmas Ornament fame? I was wanting to get a hold of those patterns.....They would make a fun little summer project... Have to admit I've been revisiting old issues of Vogue Knitting and Spin Off for inspiration- I have stacks...things seem to circle back in popularity eventually.....

  6. I must look into subscribing, Im in NZ and I recently tracked an issue down, issue 7.. only 3 months behind lol.