Friday, 5 July 2013

Happy New Year//Year of Projects

In the 2012/2013 Year of Projects, I focussed mostly on techniques rather than projects - and I think (as a newer knitter) that my decision was fairly sensible. I learned alot of new techniques -from cabling, to basic fairisle and beyond. This Year of Projects 2013/2014 I am choosing to learn some new techniques but also to choose some projects that I really want to try. It feels like having a nice baseline of projects - it will keep me busy and I still get to learn. If you've followed me through my first year of blogging (from March 2012), you'll know that I am the kind of person who likes to learn through being creative.

Over the next month of YOP posts I will be sharing some of the things I want to knit this coming year - some are already in my Ravelry queue; most of those are already paired with yarn. For example I really want to knit these 3 projects:

Feathered Mitts just look really pretty, and you can do the feathered lace detail in 2 colours. These will be perfect for Autumn so I'm planning on knitting these next month:
 French Press Felted Slippers have been in my queue for such a long time; and someone kindly gifted me the pattern for my birthday. I'm going to make these very soon - they are really beautiful and I have a berry coloured yarn for knitting them:
 Snawheid is one of my favourite hats; I have already bought the patterns for the hat and for snawpaws AND I have the yarn. I'm excited to get on with knitting these for December/January time when it's super cold!!!
So that's the start of my project list; next week I will share the start of my techniques list!!!
V xo

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