Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tales of a Sock//WIP Wednesday

So there I was knitting on my very pretty Aqua Vanilla socks (this was yesterday); I had been working on them for a few days and I was very proud of my progress - I even managed to pick up my gusset stitches neatly:
 Then last night disaster struck; one of my beautiful knit pro needles snapped - the needle that was holding the instep stitches. I could have cried, stitches started slipping and the whole sock was a mess:
Sadly some of the stitches unravelled several rows down; and I've never actually fixed a piece of knitting - so I decided I would wait for a few days and then rip back to my lifelines: 
Thankfully at some point last night I felt brave enough to have a look at a tutorial on you tube about picking up stitches. And it gave it a go - and guess what? It actually worked - I fixed my first sock. I actually still feel really proud of this, it worked pretty well. I went to bed very happy last night. I'm hoping to get my sock finished  in the next day or so. So I shall have to move straight on with sock 2, I don't want to get second sock syndrome.

 Lastly my beautiful boys went back to school this morning so I had to share this gorgeous picture of them this morning, I am definitely feeling like a proud mummy this morning:
Today's plan's include getting back to my Wii fit, going to my reading group and definitely knitting!!! Sounds like my kind of day. What are you working on just now? I'm playing along with Tami and Ginny as always.
Have a knitty Wednesday!!!
V xo


  1. I wanted to cry the first time I dropped stitches in a serious fashion, but like you I was pleased to discover that picking them up again wasn't nearly as intimidating as I had expected... in regular knitting anyway - I'm still lost when it comes to lacework. There I still either have to accept my mistakes or start over.

  2. I think that the first time you fix a mistake in knitting, is when you become truly comfortable with knitting, when you really begin to understand how it all hangs together. I think fixing mistakes has taught me more about knitting than all the projects that went right.

  3. One of the best knitting classes I ever took was on fixing knitting mistakes--we made swatches with errors-- not hard for me at that point:)--and then learned how to fix them. By fixing the mistakes you learn a lot about the structure of stitches and fabric.

    Congratulations on rescuing your sock.

    Your boys are adorable, and they both look handsome in their bright blue uniforms.

  4. I have had the misfortune of snapping a needle and losing a bunch of live stitches. I'm so glad this worked out well for you -- picking up dropped stitches is such a useful thing to learn.

  5. oh no! I'm so glad you were able to save your sock, it can be so disheartening when something like this happens.

    your boys are adorable! We have a few more weeks before school is back in, so we are trying to squeeze just a little bit more out of summer.

  6. Yeah you for fixing the sock!!!!! And your boys look adorable in the school uniforms....

  7. Ooh sorry about the snapping needle, that is such a pain!
    Great stuff for picking up the stitches!
    Sounds like a great day!
    Marigolds' Loft

  8. Learning to pick up slipped stitches saved my life!

  9. What a great day!
    Picking up stitches is actually really easy, but very daunting. I know all about your fear. I am glad you decided to give it a go, there's nothing worse than having to rip out stitches!

  10. Great job! I think I would have started crying if that happened to me. I'm glad you were able to save the project.