Saturday, 24 August 2013

On Stash Dieting//Knit Life

Back in April, when I was still playing along with Knit the Queue (I'm so much happier knitting what I want, when I want) - I started my stash diet. I bought yarn for the projects I knew I wanted to work on like yesterday!!! Here are some of those beautiful yarns:
Candy Skein Yummy in Pumpkin:
 Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran in Green:
 Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift in Sholmit:
I think overall I bought around 10 different yarns, for varying projects. I didn't want to be caught short and NOT manage my stash diet. Of course, with every stash diet there has to be a little bit of wiggle room -which for me comes in the form of gifts!!! If I'm knitting a gift and I don't have the right yarn in my stash, I am allowed to buy it - that sounds fair right? Anyways a good friend of ours is having a baby at the end of the year, a little girl so I'm planning on knitting a few bits for her. I don't own any yarn that's really baby friendly or in the right colourways so I'm going shopping. I'm actually very excited to buy some new yarn. I think that's definitely one of the positives of being on a stash diet. I only have just over 4 more months of the year, then I can shop for me!!!
Have you been trying to stash diet? How's it working out for you?
V xo


  1. I applaud you..I could not do it..but I am cold sheeping at the moment...I bought a skein to finish a project..and I get some yarn clubs each month...but haven't gone actually shopping since July...and I'm going to keep it up until Rhinebeck..I happen to live within two hours of 3 major fiber events coming up in October/ I'm saving for them..and trying to use some of my considerable stash..the Hubs calls is my retirement I want always have the money to spend...

  2. I always say I'm on a stash diet and then I break down. My problem is that I don't have enough of a single skein in my stash to make anything bigger than a hat/scarf/pair of socks. So if I want a top of some sort... yarn shop here I come! It's so hard. I really do need to budget myself better....

  3. When I buy something, I usually know what will I do with it. But I have a few WIPs that seems never be finished. I am so sorry for those yarns, I would like to use them up some other way.

  4. If SKEINS/BALLS were Calories... I'd need BARIATRIC Treatment!!
    Seriously - Screw the DIET! And Eat your WOOLIES!

  5. I am supposed to be on a yarn diet, but it's so difficult when you have some very particular in mind and don't have the yarn for it.

  6. I usually utterly fail at stash diets, although I did spend most of this year only buying things I felt I REALLY NEEDED (ha). I commend your strength!