Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Pretty Sewing Box//Knitllections

I had my 31st birthday at the beginning of July; and my MIL was kind enough to buy me a vintage sewing box from a little thrift store in our local town centre. I don't sew; however I thought I could use it as a knitting toolbox - great idea huh? So here it is:
It made sense to me to put my pens/pencils, needle ends, row counters and scissors right in the very top - these are the things that I use regularly: 
The top of the other side contains all of the threads that came in the box - I figured I might want to keep them for sewing on buttons etc; the section below that holds things like my needle gauge and a pompom maker:
 The bottom holds my DPNS; giant pins, some wool soack and a hand cream - basically all the things that were too big to go in the smaller sections:
So here endeth my first post of my new topic; Knitllections - I will aim to share a knitty collection at least once a month - I do have quite a few collections to share. Do you want to play along? Just post when you can and link back to me.
V x 


  1. I have a sewing box (vintage) that I love! Yours looks beautiful and now you know exactly where everything is :)

  2. You are way more organized than me.