Friday, 9 August 2013

Fabulous Mr Fox//FO Friday

My Fabulous Mr Fox purse is finally finished!!! I think I could have finished him in under a week but then I got sick and I have to admit I was completely stressed out about the finishing. I've never lined anything - and I don't know much about our sewing machine, so it had to be hand sewn. Anyway I'm feeling much better now; medication changes make all the difference. But it's also meant that I have finally finished my purse.
Here he is in all his lovely glory; I think he's super cute. I decided to put a clicky button under the nose so I could close it; I'm not really sure how to fit zips next but I think when I knit my next purse I shall give that a go:
I've had some super pretty fabric tucked away for a couple of years - since we bought our sewing machine (I really must use that), so I decided that something with a woodland theme would be perfect for this purse. I drew around the purse, then cut the fabric just a little bigger. I then sewed the 3 sides together, fit it onto the purse and sewed it all in place:
 I wanted to share a little close up of the purse, you can still see some of the stitch definition in the purse, which I really love:
I absolutely loved knitting this purse, it's super cute and very easy. I'm excited to make another one - as I have plenty of yarn left. I love finishing something and feeling completely proud of it. What have you finished this week?
V xo 


  1. He is very, very cute....and uhm..I have the same problem with my sewing machine...but hey earned my sewing badge in Girls Scouts and put those skills to great use!

  2. That is very cute indeed. There are lots of tutorials on the Internet about how to line felted bags. It is what started me sewing, when I felted a bag I wanted to line. I found this tutorial quite quickly:, I hope that helps with future endeavours!

  3. Very cute. I must admit I haven't been brave enough to line anything I've made.

  4. The purse is so totally adorable :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  5. Great purse, and I really love the lining fabric.

  6. that little fox purse is too cute! hard not to smile every time you pull that out of your purse, I bet.

  7. Mr. Fox is super cute indeed!

  8. That is adorable! Well done.