Friday, 3 May 2013

The Puppy With No Name//FO Friday

On Wednesday I wrote about starting some new projects; which obviously meant that I've finished some projects (or I had horrific startisis!!!). I've finished 3 projects in the last little while BUT I want to share them one at a time as they all have stories behind them - so check out the blog for the next few Fridays.
I finally managed to finish THE PUPPY!!!
 I know I complained about this knit majorly; especially whilst knitting the body - the colour changes in the pattern were not overly clear (in my opinion). However I finally picked it back up after 6 weeks in the naughty cupboard AND the rest of the pattern flowed really well:
 The head knit up really well, the ears are super cute and the wee tail is too. I had a few issues during the sewing up as the instructions were pictoral rather than written - which I always find a little more complicated; but I got there in the end and it all stitched up really well.
 I thought I had some safety eyes but I couldn't find them anywhere (maybe they got lost during the big clear out???) - anyhoo I used buttons for eyes and the nose is a leather button I picked up in a charity shop (6 for 30p - I wasn't complaining).
Kristofer really loves his puppy, and finally decided on calling him Robert - which really suits puppy. He has had about 6 name changes in the time that I was planning the knit and during the actual knitting; I'm glad he finally settled on a name.
What have you been finishing lately?
V xo


  1. Oh my gosh. This is an adorable puppy! I love the nose.

  2. Lovely puppy!

    Here's my FO:

  3. He is adorable. I finished my senior thesis on Napalm, and my final full semester of college. Its a bit scary, unlike your dog.

  4. Robert is super super cute! Just read that you are in the hospital, hope you are ok.