Wednesday, 1 May 2013

All Change//WIP Wednesday

This week my WIP's have all changed - so what does that mean? Do I have a really bad case of startisis OR have I actually got finished objects? Well believe it or not I actually have finished objects - I have alot of FO Friday posts already scheduled. Anyhoo onto the WIP's:
This one is very nearly finished, and is my Little Miss Foxy felted purse - this was a very instantly gratifying knit, and it was fun!!! I just need to line it, add some poppers to keep it closed inside - and of course give her a face:
 Next up is Cuddles the Dinosaur; this is the softie that Robbie wanted - I've literally only done 6 rounds on this so far, I am loving it though - magic loop for softies is my favourite. The purple is the main colour - wait until you see the colours he chose for the stripes:
 And lastly are my Vanilla Pumpkin socks; I'm taking part in the socktopus KAL starting in June but I wanted to get the vanilla socks out of the way (you can work on these whenever you want). I decided (stupidly) to cast on 80 stitches last night - I knit the whole cuff and started on the body. That's when I realised these socks were going to be a little on the big side; so I frogged the whole sock and I shall recast on today. In the meantime, isn't this yarn pretty?
What are you working on this week? I'm really enjoying having some new WIP's: it's always nice to start some new projects. As always I'm playing along with Tami and Ginny - go check out their blogs to see what everyone else is working on.
V xo
PS - I'm leaving Alicia's lovely giveaway open until Saturday - with the winners being announced on Sunday - go check it out!!!


  1. oh is the pumpkin yarn like an argyle self striper? great colour.

    i love magic loop for everything!!

  2. Sorry about the frogging - I can't wait to see what the socks will look like when done :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  3. I love your foxy purse, how cute! Enjoy your sock knitting!

  4. Your foxes purse is fantastic! I can't wait to see it with a face:)

  5. I do love that foxy purse, very adorable :)

  6. Love the sock yarn, irritating that you had to frog but I guess better to find that out sooner than later! Looking forward to seeing how the dino knits up :-)

  7. Well, hopefully we'll get to see the stripe colors soon...sounds exciting!

  8. I've frogged entire socks because they just didn't suit me for some reason or another. That pumpkin yarn is so pretty!

  9. Love the fox purse, and the pumpkin yarn.

  10. Amazing projects, especially the purse, can't wait to see it finished.

    Here's my WIP: