Friday, 17 May 2013

Pretty Green Eyelet Socks//FO Friday

I finished my 2nd pair of socks; I technically finished them nearly 3 weeks ago but hey ho!!! I'm really pleased with these - they are very comfortable and the knit was nice and simple:
 I'm much happier with the heel on these socks; the picking up is neater and the heel is just slightly different from my first socks - which is always fun.
 Even the grafting of the toes worked out better; I was a little nervous about the grafting as on my first socks it went a little off - but I'm really learning about the construction of socks and all the little bits that make them work.
I'm currently knitting a few other pairs of socks; and I'm excited to start the Socktopus KAL next month - the order in which we knit is up and I'm very excited for July's socks; I wonder if I can get anyone to give me sock yarn for my birthday? (if it's a gift it doesn't count as stash - hahaha!).
What have you finished lately?
V xo


  1. yay for socks! They look great :)

  2. Great socks! sock yarn doesn't count as stash no matter where it comes from ;) Its an important fact to know!

  3. Love your blog layout and colour scheme. I have never knitted socks, I am worried I might get addicted and I have soooo much on the go. I am making crochet hexagons at the moment for a colourful blanket. Jo X

  4. I like the color of those socks! Very springy.