Friday, 10 May 2013

Fairisle Felted Needle Case//FO Friday

I finished my Fairisle Felted Needle Case a few weeks ago, after finishing the knitting in the middle of the night - and rushing to get the felting done; my fingers ended up very blistered:
 I hand felted because we have a front loader which means it's a little harder to stop mid cycle. I also didn't wear rubber gloves, and of course hand felting is quite rough on the hands. I already have paper like skin on my hands - they are very allergic to things - even the weather affects them. I guess it shouldn't have been much of a surprise that they blistered so badly.
 Anyway I am in LOVE with my needle case, I know some of the ladies who knit this (at the class I went too) trimmed the edges to make it all really straight but I decided to leave my edges rough - I think they look really pretty.
 I stitched the inside into place, and even bound the book with some of the white yarn - just to give it a nicer look.
I absolutely loved this knit, and it's made me want to knit more fair isle pieces - I have several hats in my ravelry queue and even a pair of a mitts. Colourwork is fun, it does take a little more time to knit but the colour changes keep your interest. If you get the chance to do a fairisle class I would highly recommend it.
What are you finishing this week?
V xo


  1. I felt in my front loading washing machine all the time. I wrote up a tip sheet for doing it, which you can download from Craftsy (

  2. Looks great! I really like the colour combinations you picked.

  3. Ouchy! I'm sorry about your fingers!