Monday, 6 May 2013

Progress?//Year of Projects

I have actually managed to complete most of my Year of Projects list; shocking huh? This was the original list:
- yarn bomb something
- fair isle
- socks
- cables
- lace shawl
- cardigan for me
- gloves with fingers
- knit in public as much as possible
- knit a giant bag
- knit a hat in the round

I have shared my yarn bombing, knitting in public, cables and my hat in the round - you can find my previous YOP posts HERE.

Recently I have finished a fair isle piece: (more photos and story on FO Friday this week)
And I've knit my first 2 pairs of socks; these plain vanilla DK socks and.......
 my pretty green eyelet socks: (more about these socks in a week or so)
I have started more socks (I have to admit to being slightly addicted); some lovely people on Ravelry have gifted me patterns for cardigans - so it's just deciding which one to start; I have Peasy and Moody in my queue for 2013 - because as well as taking part in YOP, I'm also playing along with Knit the Queue - both are working well for me. I'm learning things and knitting the things I am really excited about - so it's a win/win situation.

So what about the things I haven't done yet; with just 2 months to go I'm not sure whether I will get around to these:
Lace Shawl - I have the yarn for a lace shawl, but I need to wind it which needs to wait until I have a ball winder!!! I also haven't decided on a pattern yet; this one might roll over to YOP 2013/14.
Gloves with Fingers - Given that I'm only just mastering socks with DPN's, this one just hasn't come up. However my boy's Dad really wants some hand knit gloves (not really sure mitts would cut it!!!) so I'm hoping to work those up for later on this year - another one to move to YOP 2013/14? I think so.
Giant Bag - I have the yarn, pattern and material for this bag; it's so close and it might get done before the summer but I'm just not sure.

I don't feel bad about the things that I didn't do this past year, it's been a difficult year for various reasons but I'm excited to write up and start my YOP 2013/14 - it's been fun. I will be doing a few more YOP posts before the summer though.
How is your Year of Projects going/
V xo


  1. YOu're doing lots better than me on your YOP! LOL! I too learned socks this year both Magic Loop and DPN's and I too love making them!
    I'm so bad as I've already started my list for the next YOP and yet haven't done lots on my old list. But part of it is affording all the yarn so that can't be helped.
    You did dome REALLY difficult stuff...Fairisle? Congrats to you! All your projects are so well knitted too. Great socks too! You go girl!

  2. Very nice progress so far. I love the fair isle.

  3. ooh, great progress so far! Way to go!

  4. Nice update. I don't think anyone really finishes our lists..we are constantly changing them up ..adding and dropping things...that's the way it goes so don't fee awful about it....I still have lots I want to do but will probably get only a little of it done..

  5. WOO HOOO. That's awesome you finished you list. I tried once but got so sidetracked I forgot what my list was. The socks look awesome.

  6. Great List, thinking I should do one too!

  7. Hi, I'm featuring you on a blog visit this wednesday :0)