Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pretty Green Eyelet Rib//WIP Wednesday

Yup, that's right - I cast on my 2nd pair of socks. These are still knit in DK and from the same book as my first pair but with a little bit of interest and a slightly different heel:
 I am in love with the eyelet rib detail, it's super pretty and it's knit in a 5-stitch pattern:
I have to admit that I *might* be slightly addicted to socks - and by slightly I mean completely!!! I've bought a copy of the book Socktopus AND some gorgeous candy skein fingering yarn; so some very beautiful socks will be on the needles very soon. I promise I'm not ignoring my other WIP's, I do intend on getting back to them later this week.
Most of my family is away this week to Belfast this week; Robbie (my oldest) was supposed to be going with them but unfortunately he caught a nasty bug so he's spending this week with me. Today we are off up the coast, I'll share a couple of photos later in the week - especially as some of them will be yarny.
I know I'm on a yarn diet - however I did state that this week was a free week; and I'm trying to get all the yarn together I need to knit my queue; anyway stop by later in the week.
As usual I am playing along with Tami and Ginny; what are you knitting this week?
V xo


  1. nothing wrong with sock addiction! They are functional and stylish :) Love the yellow and the eyelet design :)

  2. Welcome to the club! You're officially a sock knitter! There's no turning back now. The addiction just gets more and more severe as you continue. :-D

  3. Your socks are looking great, and I totally get the addiction thing (mine is fingerless mitts).

  4. Your socks look great, look forward to seeing the candy skein knit :)

  5. Loving the socks...don't want to encourage a habbit but Looking forward to the candy skein ones as well!!Hope Robbie feels better

  6. Great pattern! I'm an eyelet rib fan also.

  7. Your sock is wonderful! Being addicted to socks is a good problem to have:)