Monday, 22 April 2013

On Being A Monkey//Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

In all honesty I found it difficult to choose which "house" I fell into; so I quizzed my wife and MIL - and they chose Monkey. Why I asked myself?

I love to be challenged by my knitting; infact regular readers of this little blog might remember that my OWL (one little word) for this year is LEARN - I want to learn as much as possible. So what does mean? It means that I challenged myself to knit my first sweater:
 And I thoroughly enjoyed the knit, it had some complicated instructions - I had never done short rows before and splitting for the sleeves was a little tricky - BUT I did it, I finished my first sweater and I love it. So on to the next challenge - socks!!!

I've wanted to knit socks for a while, infact I got a sock book almost 2 years ago but I was super nervous; I'd heard alot of negative things about socks. I think knitters fall into 2 sock categories - those who do and those who hate!!! I decided to just give it a go; afterall if I failed no-one needed to know and I could always frog them and use the yarn for something else. In actual fact my socks were a resounding success, not only did I enjoy the knit but I love the results:
Don't get me wrong they have their little issues, but I had so much fun I've already cast on my 2nd pair, and bought DPN's for 4-ply socks. I've also bought the lovely Socktopus book - and I cannot wait to get stuck into some beautiful socks for the spring.

My motto in life; especially as a person with a long-term illness; is to always learn, to try my hardest to succeed AND (most importantly) enjoy myself. 2013 is definitely a year of learning for me - what will you learn this year?

Are you playing along with KCBW this year? What "house" do you fall into?
V xo

PS: today's code is: 4KCBWDAY1; make sure you use this code if you're playing along.


  1. Yip - you sound like a Monkey to me :)

  2. Monkey - hmm, I must agree :)
    Look forward to the rest of the week with you.

  3. Yip agree too. From another Monkey!

  4. Hello fellow monkey :-) Love your owls jumper! Looking forward to the rest of the week :-)

  5. You are a monkey for sure! Learning is key to keeping life and crafting interesting.

  6. Oh no ! Not socks ! You know how obsessive they are, right ?! LOL

  7. Good job on the sweater, it's just lovely and welcome to the world of sock knitting, there's no looking back now :)

  8. Judging from this post I agree with your wife and MIL, you do belong in house Monkey! Owls was my first sweater as well, though I turned it into a cardigan (one of the reason's I choose house monkey as well)