Friday, 5 April 2013

Cadbury Owls//Finished Object Friday

My Cadbury Owls Sweater has been officially finished for over 2 weeks; but due to hail/snow/rain/sleet it was difficult to get photos outside. Last weekend we finally had a day that was dry enough and sunny enough to get some pictures - so thank you to my lovely MIL for being willing to stand outside when it was less than warm!!!

This is my favourite spot in our garden, I take alot of my FO photos here:
 Of course I had to to a close up of the Owls, I'm really pleased with how neatly they came out - the really do look like Owls!!! I was going to put buttons on all the owls but then I found these in our button bag (there was only 6 - and I need 2 spares, just incase) so I sewed them on and fell in love:
 And of course a standing photo, I'm glad I did the extra length on this - I think it would have been far too short if I hadn't. This angle makes my boobs look giant - they are actually not quite this big IRL! hehe:
I already have some yummy dusty pink yarn to make another Owl's sweater, maybe with large pearl beads for eyes this time? I think I will make it a little longer - more tunic length if I can but I love the short sleeves - I like to layer.
What have you finished lately? Pop over to Tami's blog to check out other FO's.
V xo


  1. This looks great on you. I especially love the shortened sleeves - might borrow that idea!

  2. Well done on finishing the sweater off, its gorgeous and looks great on you. I to like the shortened sleeve.

  3. Very nice! It turned out lovely!

  4. It came out great! That's one of the designs I've always wanted to make..,

  5. Lovely Owls sweater! But why 'cadbury owls' (I'm guessing I've missed something?