Thursday, 4 April 2013

Knit the Queue//Knit Life

I am still playing along with Knit the Queue over on Ravelry; it's taken me a good while to settle on my final queue for 2013 but it's finally done; I have 22 items on there with just these 5 that don't have yarn yet. So what's the plan? I am going to buy the yarn for these last 5 knits; then I'm on a yarn diet (except for gift knits) until the end of year. Then in 2014 I shall join in Knit the Queue again and try to use at least half of my remaining stash - so we'll see if it works. I think I shall probably do some destashing also - it's good for the bank balance and such!!!!
If you've looked at my queue you will have noticed a couple of toys with no yarn choices - these are both gifts; one is for my oldest son and the other is a baby gift - I'll get yarn for those as and when I need it.
Notions (needles, soak, buttons etc) will not be included in my stash list - so I can still buy a few things. Next on my list is a swift and ball winder - those are pretty important for me.
How do you destash? Are you on a yarn diet?
V xo


  1. Well done for getting through your stash. I find it impossible I went out the other day and bought more yarn. I really like the mitt patterns you've chosen. Good luck with your queue.
    Ali x

  2. I'm finding KTQ a really useful way of making me use stash and also giving me something to always cast on without worrying too much about what comes next. I've just finished a hat from my queue and just need to finish a gift with a deadline before casting on my next item from the queue. The queue is definitely keeping me more focused on what yarn I already have, which is helping me resist temptation to buy new yarn. I'm also keeping a record of how much stash I have each month. That is a great motivator for reducing what you have before buying something else! It doesn't stop my buying yarn, but it definitely reduces how much I get.

  3. Without intending to, I've been going cold sheep since the start of 2013, and it's been a really liberating feeling knitting only from stash. Good luck with you KTQ plan - it sounds great.

  4. My preferred LYS closed at Christmas so apart from two little 50g balls of sock wool, I've not really bought any yarn since then. I do however have four large bins of stash and one bin of spinning fibre so without making a real decision I seem to be moving in the direction of "knitting from the stash". The fibre gives me the 'new yarn' buzz I like so much while also clearing out space. So far, it's working.

  5. I should be doing more knitting than I am. I have not bought yarn in a while though. I certainly have enough. I used that same leather button on a project I did.