Wednesday, 24 April 2013

An Info-Knitty-Graphic//Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

When I think about my knitting, I think about all of the things I've knit - and the progress I've made along the way (as well as the mistakes)........

1. This bag took me 11 months to knit, it shouldn't have - it is a simple garter stitch bag, it's very pretty BUT it stretched alot!!!
2. I still wear my kitty hat, I am totally in love with it - you knit it flat, then seam it. It's super simple and very cute.
3. I knit these mary janes and pretty quickly fell out of love with them - they stretched and the yarn wasn't hard wearing. I wouldn't knit slippers again unless they were felted afterwards.
4. Florence the Elefante was one of my favourite knits, she was probably one of the most complex knits of last year for me. She isn't perfect, the increases in her face weren't as perfect as they could have been but I was super proud of her at the time.
5. Lenny the Elephant was probably my favourite knit of last year, he turned out pretty perfect. And he was the first item I've knit with yarn from an indie dyer (candy skein yummy DK).
6. This hat was one thing I wish I had swatched for, the yarn bloomed quite a bit and the hat is too big for my wife now. It fits me but I have a big head and I knit the smallest size!!! I would knit this hat again though, it's super pretty.
7. The Queen of Hearts shawl is an own design, and I'm still so proud of it. I really enjoyed knitting it and my Gran loves her shawl.
8. In February 2013 I took part in my very first yarn bombing; which I really enjoyed. I also knit a little heart garland for my wife for valentine's day - she loves it.
9. I knit my Blue Fudge plains for my very good friend, Carol. It was lovely to knit, and the baby cashmerino yarn helped of course. I'm hoping to knit another one of these for me really soon.
10. Regular readers of my blog will know all about my owls sweater; I loved knitting it - so much love went into every stitch of this, my first sweater. I love it. I will make changes when I knit it again - I intend on making it tunic length, with the sleeves just slightly longer.
11. My green pom-pom hat was knit up when the freeze hit in March 2013, it's super warm but I would knit a few more rows so it fits my head a little more snuggly.
12. My first socks; this was a travel project - ok it was supposed to be but ended up being a knit all the time project. I love these socks, they are super super warm and, as yesterday's posted stated, I have already cast on my 2nd pair.

I think my infographic shows how much I've grown as a knitter; and hopefully shows a small amount of the direction I'm hoping to go in.
V xo

PS: today's code is: 4KCBWDAY3; make sure you use this code if you're playing along.


  1. Lovely to see and read your knitting journey. Lenny the knitted elephant is my favourite I think.

  2. It's fun looking back - I love how Ravelry has given us a tool for doing it so easily!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your knitting journey. It's good looking back and seeing how much progress you've made :-)

  4. An interesting way of doing the infographic :)

  5. I really love what you did with that graphic. It shows the point you are trying to make in an eye-pleasing way.