Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mid Year//Knit Life

Ok so technically it's past mid-year now, so I'm a little late posting this. However it is around mid-year for how long my blog has been going - does that count? I started this little blog at the end of February, I now have 34 followers (hi) and I've had nearly 6000 page views - that's huge for me. I'm really pleased that people are enjoying the blog, and enjoying my little rambles!!!!
Anyhoo I decided to share my 4 favourite knits of the year so far:

My owlie shawl: I loved knitting this, it's not perfect but it's so cute and I love to wear it. I'm planning on knitting another one of these as a gift really soon:
 This knit started out as a cowl, but got ripped back and ended up being a winter collar for my sister, Lisa, I am really pleased with it and she just loves it; let's face it you couldn't buy one of these in the shops:
 Florence, my Elefante, was going to be in there somewhere right? I loved knitting her too and my mum has requested one so I'll be knitting another identical one really soon too:
 And lastly, this was a really simple knit but my kitty hat was one of my favourites - I need to knit some more of these for winter - but maybe just a little longer!!! Cute huh?:
So those are my mid-year favourites, what are yours?
V xo


  1. Like your kitty hat...Did you make that up, or is there a pattern for it?? Very cute!
    My hubby does income taxes (accountant) here in the US, and I help, so my Jan-april is pretty much no knitting time, unless it is in the car, and that's limited! Don't know that I've finished anything this year, but I have 3 things going all at once, and not making huge progress on any. Great work on your projects!!

  2. I love your shawl. Its really pretty. So far I think my favorites are my slouchy berets and the shawl I made.

  3. Such fantastic knit favorites! The kitty hat is just darling, but my favorite is still the shawl (look at those colors!).