Sunday, 15 July 2012

Goals//Year of Projects

I've been thinking alot about the lovely Meredith and her blogging for confidence series over on One Sheepish Girl. and the year of projects group over on Ravelry.  So I've decided to do my own goals list, one that will start now and end around July 2013. What do you think?

So my goals (all knitting related):
- yarn bomb something
- fair isle
- socks
- cables
- lace shawl
- cardigan for me
- gloves with fingers
- knit in public as much as possible
- knit a giant bag
- knit a hat in the round

What are your goals for the year? Do you want to join in on this goal challenge? If you play along let me know, and we'll play along together. I have 10 things on my list, so that's just less than 1 a month - with a bit of extra time just incase.

V xo


  1. Great list of goals! I've been doing the same thing since January, and I can say that it has helped me learn new things and helped make me a better knitter. I'm so excited that you made a list and I look forward to see you meet them!

  2. I love making lists and goals so am completely with you here! In case you don't know, there's a wonderful, chatty group over on Ravelry that is embarking on our second "year of projects" challenge. You should join us!

  3. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your year, we are all great at encouragement and so lists seem to get done or near done anyway lol. Great list with lots of exciting things there.

  4. I bring my knitting out with me all the time...but I do tend to get more errors as I get easily distracted..

  5. I wanted to learn to cable, but haven't had a chance yet. A shawl and another sweater are still on my 2012 list. And I love the idea of knit in public. I've done that at ballgames, but sometimes it can be dangerous if I get too excited!! I do some quilting, too and that is taking a bit of time right now, with a graduation gift and a couple of wedding quilts, but I'd really like another pair of fingerless gloves for walking this fall/winter and I even think my hubby would wear them for walking the dog... See what you've started!?

  6. Welcome from another newbie - your list is great and I can't wait to see your progress with them all :)

  7. Wonderful list and so glad you've joined us with YOP. I'm your newest follower!

  8. Happy Knitting and thanks for adding me on your friends list!

  9. Cool goals. I'm not sure I'll ever manage yarn-bombing ... I'd get all hung up on choosing the right pattern I think :)

  10. If I didn't have so many WsIP, I'd be inclined to join you (but I have 17 and counting, which is probably enough to be going on with...). It's a great list, though - I love the idea of knitting a giant bag! You'll have a fab set of FOs by the end of the year with this list :)

  11. A great list for a great year. My list is comprised of some specific projects and then some skills I want to conquer like yours. It will be fun getting to know you this year!

  12. Great list of goals, I love the knitting in public one!