Monday, 30 July 2012

Fable Fingerless Mitts//Ravellenic Games

So the Ravellenic Games are finally here, I've been waiting semi-patiently for a while now. I cast-on on Friday night whilst watching the questionable opening ceremony.
I decided my first project would be the Fable Fingerless Mitts, this fits into both mitten medley and single skein sprint - which is great, lots of points and some cute mitts too. I have already finished mitten 1, and cast on mitten 2:
I am already completely in love with these, the variagated yarn makes the mitts looks fair isle and they fit perfectly. They will need some blocking, so once mitt 2 is finished I'm going to wash them and pin them out - hopefully that'll make them perfect!!!!!

I have to say a HUGE thank you to all who recommended the book Finishing School to me, I bought a copy and I already feel like I've learned so much and that I'm finishing things with much more passion and care.

Are you taking part in the ravellenics? What are your projects? If you're not taking part, what are you knitting right now?
V xo


  1. I'm unofficially taking part lol. I was watching the opening ceremony with my brother and decided to knit a bit on my shawl.

    Your mitten looks really awesome. I like it a ton.

  2. They look great! I'm not really, doing ravelympics- my goal to finish my WIP before I go back to school just HAPPENS to coincide with the end of the Olympics ;)

  3. Those mitts are looking great! Too many irons in the fire right now for me - so no Ravelympics for me.

  4. Looking good! I'm participating as well and trying to finish a men's cardigan before closing ceremonies.

  5. Those mitts are cute & the yarn is lovely! What other projects do you have planned for the games?

    Because I'm crazy I'm knitting a sweater (Dark & Stormy) for the Ravellenic Games. So far I'm on track to finish!

  6. I'm trying to finish a sweater I started before the games.

  7. No games for me, but I'm enjoying seeing the progress of others. I think your mits are terrific - I think the button accent is a nice feature. I bet they'll be super once you block them. Also glad to hear of your increased confidence in finishing your projects. It's amazing what a good teacher can do!