Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography Challenge Day//Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (3KCBWDAY2)

Today's challenge is photography, to do something a little unusual - to try something new.
 My photo is my Recovery Buddy Eric (I posted about Recovery Buddies earlier this month) watching on in happiness as a new Buddy comes to life infront of him. This buddy will be called Ella, she already likes rainbows, spring showers and teacups:
 I'm excited to see the unusual photo's everyone else has, the examples Eskimimi put on her blog are wonderful - I particularly love the bat in flight. Tomorrow I have a lovely guest on my blog, as it's hero day!!!! If you're joining in remember to share the unique posting tag, today's is 3KCBWDAY2).
That's me for today, I'm really enjoying this so far!!!!
V x


  1. Thihi, he is such a cuty. He deserves a new buddy!

  2. Such an adorable pattern, I love the color of yarn you are using for the second one!

  3. Recovery Buddies are a great idea. I like the colours you've chosen for both of them!

  4. What a sweet photo and awesome idea!

  5. The Recovery Buddies sound wonderful and your picture is very cute!