Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nearly Done//WIP Wednesday

Wow I cannot believe it's been over 2 weeks since I last blogged - it's been spring break here and mega hectic - partly in thanks to the rubbish weather!!! Anyway 3 of my WIP's have made quite alot of progress since I was last here - 2 of them are close to finish (probably not a share this Friday thing though).

Firstly is my First Baby Jacket; I'm really enjoying knitting this and did some while I was in Edinburgh on Monday - it's going a little quicker now that I'm about halfway done with the first sleeve section. I'm also still in love with the colour, which I think always helps:

 Next up is my Green Grass of Spring Shawl, several people have contacted me to ask about a pattern for this shawl - this is my own pattern which I will post on Ravelry as soon as it's finished. I had to put out a call for some more of the gorgeous RYC Cotton Jeans yarn on Ravelry because I am done - thankfully a lovely lady in the States is helping out and my yarn is winging it's way here - so this will be in the finished pile too:
 And lastly is my Owlie Shawl; I'm still so in love with the yarn I chose for this shawl - and it's going really well. I placed the beads for the eyes yesterday, so I think I've got another 15 rows until I reach the end; then I can choose to do another 3/4 rows of garter stitch to finish. I'm hoping to have this finished and blocked before knit night next week - wish me luck:
So that's all of my shares for this week, pop over to Tami's blog to see what everyone else is working on - and remember to be nice, and leave comments. In other news I am taking part in the knitting and crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimiknits from 23rd - 29th April. I've already started gathering content, including a lovely interview - so I'm quite excited and feeling very organised. I've had a look at the subjects for each day and I think I can fulfil all of them. Anyway if you're not already playing, go check it out and join in - it's going to be fun and there are prizes to be won.
V xx


  1. Such pretty projects! I think it is important to love the yarn/colour that you are working with. It makes it so much more fun and satisfying. The stripes in the Owlie shawl are beautiful!

  2. The Owlie shawl is beautiful. Congrats on the first baby jacket, it is looking wonderful!


  3. Wow what a lot of projects, they are all looking good!

  4. Very nice projects. I really like the Owlie yarn--gorgeous!

    I am popping in from Tami's WIP Wednesday. My project is here..

  5. Gorgeous collection of WIPs! That blue at the top is just stunning.

    I need to get organised and start planning some of my blog week posts. I always start with good intentions and then fizzle out as I run out of time to get the posts up!

  6. Loving both your shawls, the colours and textures are wonderful! And so different---they're like a cloudy day and a sunny day, and both beautiful.

  7. A stunning blue for that baby jacket - I can see how you'd be in love with that!