Saturday, 28 April 2012

Improving your Skillset//Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (3KCBWDAY6)

 Today's topic is a good one for me, I love to make lists and find things that I want to learn - for me my knitting career is just starting so why not learn more? I actually learned to knit back in 2005 when I was in hospital for a while; I knit squares and scarves and then life got busy and I stopped knitting. Fastforward to January 2011 and I decided to start knitting again - it took me 11 months but I finally finished my first piece - a knitted bag. It was the first time I had finished something that wasn't just straight up and down knitting, and I was hooked!!! In January I started shopping for yarn, I fell in love with needles and I knit a hat. From hats to finishing 2 shawls by April, I am in LOVE with knitting.
So why not crochet? I've tried but I just can't feel the love for it and I'm not really very good at it at all - so for now I'm sticking to knitting. One day I'm going to get a spindle and try a little bit of spinning my own yarn, that sounds like fun to me. I also want to try dyeing some yarn.

Anyway on to improving my skillset, while thinking about what I want to try next I popped over to Pinterest and gathered some images  so here is my skillset 4 - my goal is to attempt each of these by the end of the year:

I love the look of fairisle but it does make me nervous - where do you put all the yarn? How does it even work? I am going to have a go - but I think I'll start with just a little at first.

I love tiny animals, they are so cute - and I know you can do knitted versions, but you have to be so precise, probably even more so than in bigger pieces.

I love this jumper, and would love to knit something similar:                

With the ravelympic fast approaching I'm going to be trying out socks - for definite!!!!

What's on your list? Do you have a time set for when you want to be finished? I'll be back tomorrow with Day 7.
V xx


  1. Yes! Socks! You will love them, and if you ever get stressed out or stuck on them, you have your Ravelry buddies standing by to help out! Great list.

  2. Love the fair isle - I have a dream of making a Kate Davies fair isle beret - beautiful. And more socks. I LOVE socks. I want trickier lacier socks!

  3. With fair isle - try something in the round first. Flat pieces are much harder.

    The picture of socks you have used, look so cozy

  4. I'm not a sock fan, but do love that photo of the socks. I think socks and cables go together like horse and carriage. :)

  5. Socks are awesome - and not hard at all! You can do it :)