Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pretty Green Pom-Pom Hat//Review

So last week I was looking for an instant gratification project - preferably a hat as it's so freezing cold right now!!! So I had a look through Ravelry and found the Anthropologie Inspired Pom-Pom Hat by the lovely Jessica of the Is and Was blog. So I picked up some super chunky yarn and 8mm needles and started!!!
 It took me less than 24 hours to be finished; and so I started on the pom-pom. Now I haven't made a pom-pom in many years so I had to look it up online. Unfortunately my pom-pom had a little accident but thankfully my lovely wife was able to fix it:
This hat was gorgeous to knit up, next time (and there will be a next time) I think I would knit it in the round as I'm not so keen on seaming!! Jessica's instructions for the hat were excellent; I'm so glad I knit this and I encourage you to give this one a go too!!!
I just noticed that I have just 1 more follower to go before I hit 50..... crazy huh?
What have you been doing this weekend?
V xo


  1. Super cute, Vicki- I love it! Very glad you enjoyed the pattern too. :)

  2. what a very cute hat! I love the pom pom, and the chunky size of the knit- those knits are always so gratifying, and cozy!