Monday, 18 March 2013

Feel the Fear//Journey into Crochet

It's not a secret that I've been wanting to try my hand at crochet; so this last week I had a look on you tube; found a series of videos on crochet - I particularly looked at the beginner granny square ones. I found with knitting that I am definitely a visual learner so I figured maybe it would be the same with crochet!!! I found some aran weight yarn in my collection:
 ......and got started; here are my first 2 crocheted granny squares:
They are not perfect but I'm really pleased with them; apparently I have quite good tension for a beginner!! I'm using these squares to start a sampler afghan, so I'll be practicing different stitch patterns. I'm also crocheting a giant granny square afghan, which I will share with you all on Wednesday. Sometimes, with learning, I think we just need to jump in feet first and get on with it. I'm glad I took the chance; I'm still primarily a knitter but I'm really enjoying crochet too - they are both so different so it's nice to have the option.
What are you learning this week?
V xo

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  1. Well done! Be careful though, crocheting gets addictive ;)


  2. I think crochet is great at doing things differently from knitting. It is brilliant at creating sturdy 3D shapes quickly. It is great at producing delicate lace too. I think every knitter should know some crochet and every crocheter should know some knitting. I would like to see more patterns that use both.

  3. Good on you!!! I am a reluctant crocheter - I think it's laziness to learn and it isn't so comfortable as knitting.
    But, I've got my sights set on a rather large crochet project for my Handmade Wardrobe in a few months time... so we'll see how I go!
    It's a great time to be starting - did you see the new Crochet Project that launched last week?

  4. There are moments when I have the urge to pick up my hook but I'll be honest, with all the things I want to knit, my hook stays in my stash! Nice work on your granny squares -- they can be quite addictive.

  5. I learned to crochet recently. I'm not into granny squares, so I have ploughed straight into scarves and blankets. For me, the best thing seems to be to find a pattern I really want to do and then learn as I go. That was how I learned to knit many years ago.

  6. I've been testing out some sites since Google announced ending reader. I haven't tried blog lovin yet, but I might have to check it out too. Mixed reviews about feedly right now.

  7. Those squares are great! I'm learning to crochet too but I haaven't gone beyond single and double crochet...