Saturday, 3 November 2012

Currently//Knit Life

This past few weeks have been super busy, so I thought I would quickly catch you all up!!! Firstly I had a hair cut, I had it cut super short and I LOVE it:
 We had Halloween and I carved these 2 fun pumpkins:
 And I started knitting this hat (photo courtesy of Buttons and Beeswax); the lovely Faye is asking people to test some of her hat patterns and I chose this one - it's super cute and I'm knitting it in cream:
I'm also still knitting on my High Plains Drifter shawl, it's getting really big, it's super pretty and a lovely pattern to work from. What are you doing right now? I hope wherever you are, you are keeping safe.
V xo


  1. Good luck on the hat. It looks like it will be adorable!

  2. I love your haircut too. I love super short hair :)
    The Buttons and Beeswax hat is pretty - looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Ah I absolutely love the hat!!! It is wonderful to hear that you are well, the haircut looks fabulous on you.

  4. I love short haircuts! They can be super flattering, as it is on you!

  5. I just cut my hair super short too. It's looks good on you.