Monday, 26 November 2012

FO and A New Baby//Knit Life

Ok so I will be doing a proper FO post on Friday as I want to do a review of the pattern then - so come back to get the low down on this excellent pattern; I  had a great time knitting this hat and my lovely wife has claimed it as her own:
 Ok so a new baby? Not an ACTUAL baby but this little pretty:
 So I had my name on the list for a pygmy hedgehog from a fabulous breeder in Edinburgh; I was expecting my email sometime early next year telling me she/he would be ready - however a couple of weeks ago I got an email saying that this baby was available now and would I like her. My wife and I had a discussion and decided that I could be her mummy. Her name is Miss Holly Marie, and I love her so much - she's got a lovely personality; she already loves my boys, some of the cats and her nana (my MIL). She is obsessed with dried mealworms, eats dried catfood and has tried apple (she's not sure). Here she is in her home:
Note the cute log cabin; she loves it in there!!! The purple fleece is a bag for her to sleep in - she is crazy about it. And she loves pushing her toilet roll tubes around and playing on her wheel. I am so in love with her.

Thanks for stopping by; let me know what you think of the hat and Miss Holly.
V xo


  1. I adore Miss Holly, how could I not. She's so sweet. The hat is pretty sweet too!

  2. Miss Holly is adorable. I am so jealous she is yours. The hat is really awesome too.

  3. Miss Holly is super cute! The hat is great too!

  4. That hat is super cute, and OMGOSH Holly is a sweetie!!

  5. I love the hat - and I better not show my kids that wee hedgehog... !