Monday, 1 October 2012

I'm Back//Knit Life

Hey all,
I'm back, I know I haven't blogged in like 6 weeks. Reasons? Okay so I spent 4 weeks in hospital, I got pretty sick but I'm doing ok now - not great but ok.

I've been home for a while now but I haven't really done much knitting, I started a couple of new projects from the new Knit Now magazine, but I just haven't felt inspired to knit - until now. I found a nice new(ish) group on Ravelry called 7 wips in 7 days; it's awesome. You have your 7 works in progress organised in bags, and work on a different one each day. So I'm just organising what I'm going to do on what day; it should be a nice simple plan but I have a relatively busy life with kids in school, and after schools groups etc. So I'm going to spend the next few days organising my WIP's and I'll hopefully be back on Wednesday with some organisation and a little WIP Wednesday.

It feels great to be back, I hope you are all well.

V xo


  1. I'm glad to hear you are ok, if not great. 4 weeks in hospital is horrible. The longest I've been in for is 10 days and that was long enough. I think you have to recover from the hospital experience as much as the reason you were in there. I think the WIP a day thing is a good idea. I wouldn't be able to stick to it though because I can't seem to actively work on more than 3 projects at once. I have a really simple project that I can take to knit group, a slightly more challanging one that I can knit away on at home while watching something that I enjoy and concentrate on and one tricky one that I can only watch unchallenging tv or listen to radio with while I work. Any other WIPs get left out in the cold. It will be interesting to see how you fell with the 7 WIPs in 7 days routing.

  2. Feel better. Sorry to hear about your month long hospital stay. I think your WIP a day plan will deff help you ease back into normal again.

  3. I've thought about you so much over the last several weeks and am so happy to see you back on your blog. Sending you healthy and healing vibes across the blogosphere!

    Great concept for a group ... looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  4. I was so glad to see you back here. Sorry to hear about your hospital stay- and hoping every day you feel better and stronger . Am going to look forward to peeking in on your newly organized WIPs. Take it slow and easy.