Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mitts and Winner//Ravellenic Games, Knit Nerds

I finished the mitts (wooot). What do you think? I took mitt 1 apart because I hated the strap across the front - it didn't work with the yarn and it was a little uncomfortable. I love the mitts, they are super cute and will work really well for winter. I'm so pleased, that's 4 projects over the course of the Olympics, I'm sad to see it end but kind of glad to get myself back to my other projects - I plan to finish at least 1 of my WIP's before starting something new.
In other news........ I got my lovely wife to choose a number between 1 and 31 at random (a few people commented twice so those entries were removed) and she chose............

NUMBER  12 which is Minxy of MinxyMakes; Minxy if you could contact me on ravelry within the next week with your contact details that would be great :D and I'll pass them on to Kate. Once again thank you to all who entered, it was nice to see such a positive response.

Have a knitty closing ceremony, V xo

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