Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn Lusts//Knit Life

Autumn is definitely a time for a new lusts list; I have so many things in my library and in my queue over on Ravelry - I really need to take some time out and sort through what I'm REALLY going to knit - and take out those things that are just a dream. Anyways here is my autumn lust list:
I love this shawl, it's free and I could see it in some yummy autumn colours - maybe a rusty orange? It's a nice simple knit too!!!

Terra has been in my library for ages, it's such a gorgeous knit and is by the ever fabulous Jared Flood - who doesn't like his knits?
These mitts are so beautiful, and by the lovely Ysolda Teague - I love the lace detailing on the cuffs, and the extremely cute little buttons.
 Big Honkin' Bag
I NEED this bag, it's so beautiful - and BIG. I have a thing about big bags, I can't help it and I certainly won't apologise for it. I have to knit this, soon!
So what are your knit lusts for this season? I'm so excited and ready for autumn; I smell a giant batch of pumpkin jam in my near future.
V xo

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  1. I find that I let things sit in my Ravelry cue for a little while. If they stand the test of time, and I still want to knit them, then I will.