Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sheepish Heart Bomb//Year of Projects

Yay it's Sheepish Heart Bomb day; or Valentine's Day if you like. I went out and about yesterday with my 4 hearts (which I attached love quotes too because I'm cute like that). I really enjoyed my first experience at yarn bombing, it was alot of fun and it is something I will do again (plus I fulfilled one of my year of projects, um projects!!) - I've actually done more of my projects than I thought but I will update very soon!!! So the weather thrawted (excellent word) my actual bombing plans, in the morning it snowed (yay) but then it rained the rest of the day so I had to find sheltered places for my hearts. Anyway's enough ramblings, here they are:
Heart #1 went on a bus, I attached it to one of the railings; a lady sitting on the other side of the aisle stared, like, alot!!! 
 Heart #2 went in Costa's (which is a coffee place for my international friends); I just popped it on a shelf:
 Heart #3 I attached to a gate railing at the bus station, under a shelter - I went past it a few hours later and it was still there; my wife goes back into town on Saturday so we'll see if it's still there then:
 And heart #4 went on a seat in a bus shelter coming home; I hope it make someone smile:
It looks like most of my hearts went in and around bus places; it was the easiest place to put it and I wasn't feeling hugely brave - I really wanted to attach a heart to a shop mannequin; maybe next time?

Remember to go check out Meredith's blog, One Sheepish Girl for other heart bombing's today..... I'm so excited to see what other people are doing.

I will be back in a day or so with some year of projects updates. Also I've updated my about me (knit life//a story) tab and I've added a connection's tab - places you can find me (twitter, rav etc) so come visit.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my readers; remember someone, somewhere loves you!!!
V xo


  1. They look lovely. I'm sure they will make people really smile.

  2. They are awesome. Coming across a heart and a personal message like that would definitely make my day!

  3. They are so cute - I love the picture of you quietly leaving them in places....

  4. That's a lovely thing to do today-- thanks for the idea!

  5. Your hearts are just adorable! I love the sweet notes you attached to each one. The bus railing was genius! And, you were so brave to do it with that lady staring... lol! A mannequin is a great idea too (for your next bomb). I'm glad you had so much fun on your first ever yarn bomb. :)

  6. Love the hearts, they're really cute and I bet they brightened someone's day!