Thursday, 28 February 2013

Banana Bread//12 Breads

Ok so technically banana bread isn't bread; but hey who cares about technicalities? It's been a kind of hectic month so I decided to go with something easy - plus with Kris and his chicken pox this was something he could help with.
I got a google nexus 7 from my lovely wife for Valentine's Day; so I downloaded the allthecooks app - and it's awesome. The original recipe was in cups (U.S) but pressing one little button changed it to metric, so no more fussing about with conversions:
 I found a recipe that's called Banana Bread 3 and it was nice and easy to make; and fun:
 Here is Kris squishing one of the bananas; we bake together alot - I hope one day he'll bake for his own family (and maybe knit too - one can hope):
 I changed out the white flour and used wholemeal; and I put in almond slivers:
 Here they are after baking; I baked mine in 2 small tins for 30 minutes - although the recipe calls for one large tin for an hour:
This banana bread is gorgeous; it's even really nice the next day - it's tasty and very light!!! Super yummy and I think everyone should make it.
Next month I plan to make bagels...... fun times. What are you baking right now?
V xo


  1. I was craving warm banana bread with melted butter the other day!

    I would love to feature you in my new Thursday "Getting to Know You" blog feature. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll email you a set of questions to answer.


  2. My husband made banana bread just the other day! He usually puts in more banana than is called for and uses a 50/50 blend of white and whole wheat flour rather than just white. Personally, I like it for breakfast with peanut butter. Yummy!