Friday, 9 March 2012

Tales of a Giant Bunny//Finished Objects

So Friday is upon us, and I have a finished object. She is not perfect, I have alot to learn about sewing up and finishing but I love her and so does my sister (she is going to live with Clare):
 So tales of a giant bunny? Yes there is a story behind this rabbit. I found the pattern on Ravelry in January and quickly decided she would be perfect for my sister (she loves rabbits). So while I was away for a few weeks I started knitting, each body part took several days and the days quickly turned into weeks - 6 weeks later I had all the parts and started sewing and stuffing, quickly realising that the parts were quite alot larger than I had imagined. On sewing the whole rabbit together I realised she was massive, I expected her to be half the size.... but hey ho - you live and you learn. I loved making this bunny, alot of love has gone into knitting her and sewing her - and I know she's going to a home where she'll be loved, in spite of her flaws.

In other quick news (I know it's a knitting blog so it's just a quicky); today Kristofer fell at nursery, on his head - blood everywhere (including my coat) and a hole in his head. The school dealt with it really quickly, and he's made a quick recovery but I thought I'd share a picture of his swollen head:
That's me for today, I'll post soon.
V x
PS check it at Tami's blog for other finished objects!!!


  1. I absolutely love that she is so different - totally adorable. Especially the different colours make her even cuter

  2. Poor wee mite, hope he is feeling better now. Love the bunny, especially that you mixed it up with the colours.

  3. Love the bunny! Perfect for easter time!

  4. Growing up and bo'boo's seem to go hand in hand. The kids always do better then we parents do. The bunny is adorable!