Thursday, 15 March 2012

Knit Lusts//Knit Life

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my works in progress yesterday, they are (as always) very much appreciated. Today I've popped by to share a few more of my knit lusts - these 3 gorgeous knits are in my library, I even have the yarn chosen and bought for the cardigan:

So first up is Bella's Mittens; I've had my eye on these since I started on Ravelry, they are so beautiful and I could see me wearing these next winter:
 Next is the cardigan I already have the yarn for (I bought varigated purple and green), which is the Jacqueline. This cardigan is so pretty, I love the cowl style neck, plus it looks really cozy:
 Lastly the Shawl Collar Vest, this is definitely a summer knit but it's so cute - I could even see it layered over a slightly longer sleeved top for the chillier evenings. I love the varigated yarn on this, I definitely want to knit this at some point this year:
So those are my 3 knit lusts for this week, what are your top 3 knit lusts? Post them on your blog and link me - I would love to see them.
V x

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