Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Knit 1, Knit 5?//WIP's

Wednesday already? And what does that bring but WIP (work in progress) Wednesday. I have various works in progress (and a FO for Friday) so here we go:

I found this magazine in WHSmith last week and immediately cast on......
 .......a blue and white stripy monster, using the kit supplied with the magazine:
 I'm still working on my jumper, I've started on the body now, it's knit in 2 pieces but seems to be taking forever - it's a 4 pattern repeat so seems to be taking ages to make any real progress:
 My green grass of spring shawl is going really well, it's really growing quite quickly but I think I'm going to run out of yarn so I'm going to need to buy some more possibly:
 My hogwarts express shawl is going slowly, it's looking good but I'm not sure I'm going to be wearing this shawl in the spring; at least not this year!!!!
 And lastly my Mary Jane slippers, I've finished one and I'm over half way through the 2nd one, so I'm hoping to get them finished today (or tomorrow).

If you want to see all the details of my projects head over to my Ravelry project page, or friend me - my username is knittingv
I think I want to cast on something new before tomorrow as it's knitting group and I'm almost finished my easy knits but I feel like I should finish my slippers and my monsters - I'm making 2, one for each boy - so it's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!

Go check out what's going on over at Tami's blog today and thanks for stopping by my new knit blog - it's lovely to be getting visitors and comments.
V x


  1. Wow, you are busy. All your projects look great.

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Lots of WIPs :) I like having a lot of projects on the go - but it does make them all take longer, doesn't it?!

  3. Wow! Lots of different wips for you. I always end up being nervous that I'm never going to get anything done when I end up having too many wips, but it looks like you're making good progress.

  4. oh wow, you have so many gorgeous projects on the go, i can't decide which one if my fave because your choice of yarns is fabulous. Right now I think the slight favourite is Hogwards though

  5. I hate it when that happens. You need a simple knit for knit club but really don't need another WIP to add to the schedule. It's a tough one. That's why I've gone back to sock knitting, I'll always need socks and if I only knit on them at knit club they don't take up much space in the WIP pile!

  6. Looks like lots of fun projects. I find knitting groups too distracting for fiddly things, so I'd go for something easy and mindless. Or sewing in ends ; I've spent an evening or two doing that at knit night!

  7. Wow you do have a lot going on. But I totally know what you mean, when you have all these projects but none of them are suitable for what you're doing that day.
    Which reminds me, I should cast on some socks...

  8. I like the yarn colors on the Hogwarts project. You go girl!