Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Casting On//WIP Wednesday

 Sometimes it's nice to cast on something new - my current WIP's were all in states of rest; I need to refelt my fox purse, Cuddles the dinosaur needs more stuffing (which I need to go buy) and my Hogwarts Ball shawl is an outdoor project. So casting on something new seemed only fair, right?
I've had Abalone in my queue for a little while; and I've had the yarn since the end of last year. I cast this on just at the weekend BUT I had to rip it out because there were a few bits that just weren't working out as I expected - so I went to Ravelry and had a little read at other project pages. My issues were not just mine; so I decided to go with the vast majority, rip it out and start again with the slight modifications. I'm much happier now:
The colours in this yarn are perfect for such a simple cardigan; I've also got this yarn in red - I need to make some plans for that too.
What are you working on this week? As always I'm playing along with Tami and Ginny.
V xo 


  1. This will make a perfect Abalone. What problems did you have? I changed so muh for my Abalone that I probably just never encountered these mistakes but I like to make a normal one too this winter so I like to be prepared :-)